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Problem Resolution Services

Microsoft Problem Resolution Services provides assistance for problems with specific symptoms that you may encounter when you use a Microsoft product when there is a reasonable expectation that the problem is caused by the Microsoft product. Problem Resolution Services can be purchased on a per-incident basis or can be redeemed as part of another Microsoft program that includes Professional Problem Resolution Services.

  • An incident is defined as a single support issue and the reasonable effort that is needed to resolve it.
  • A single support issue is a problem that cannot be separated into subordinate issues.
  • If a problem consists of subordinate issues, each subordinate issue is considered a separate incident.
  • If Microsoft determines that a problem is the result of a defect in a Microsoft product, the customer is not charged for that incident.

Microsoft provides online incident submission to help you resolve problems faster. You no longer have to wait in telephone queues. When you use the Submit Online feature, you can provide your problem information online. Then, we can route the incident to the qualified support professional, who will call you to help resolve the issue.

A. Paid Options

The following options are available to you for Problem Resolution Services.*

Support optionPrice
Business hours telephone support$259 USD (One incident)
Get Started
Business hours telephone support**$1,289 USD (5 pack of incidents)
Get Started
Business-critical after hours telephone support***$515 USD (One incident)
Get Started

B. Program Options

The following options are available to you for Problem Resolution Services* if you are enrolled in one of these Microsoft programs or if you have an existing Professional support contract:
  • Software Assurance
  • TechNet subscription
  • MSDN subscription
  • Expression subscription
  • Microsoft Partner Network (MPN)
  • Professional 5 pack support contract

* Microsoft Customer Service & Support (CSS) is changing its Professional support model to deliver deep technical expertise in the most effective and efficient manner possible. By the end of March 2009, Microsoft will expand its call-back model for all Professional support incidents. This model eliminates unproductive hold time for customers and better captures problem and diagnostic data through a simple, intuitive online process. As a result, customer problems are routed more quickly to the most qualified engineer, who will call customers directly for resolution. Response times are defined by support offering and by issue severity. Customers can submit problems online at

** The 5 pack telephone support contract provides support during regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Pacific Time.

*** Business-critical after hours support issues are defined as situations that involve a system, network, server, or critical program down situation that severely affects customer production or profitability. These are high-impact issues where production, operations, or development is proceeding but may be severely affected within several days. Business-critical after hours support hours are Monday through Friday from 6:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. Pacific Time and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Advisory Services
Microsoft Advisory Services is a remotely delivered, consultative support option that adds the element of proactive support. This provides a comprehensive result beyond your break-fix product maintenance needs.

Advisory Services provides short-term advice and guidance for problems that are not covered by Problem Resolution Service, as well as requests for consultative assistance for design, development, and deployment issues. For specific information about the types of Advisory Services that are available, visit the Advisory Services Web page.

Support optionCall now for assistance
Advisory Services(800) 936-5200

If you have Enterprise support needs, please visit our Enterprise Support page for more information.

All prices listed on this page are in U.S. dollars, and paid support is billable to Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.****

**** Product support services are subject to Microsoft's then-current prices, terms, and conditions, which are subject to change without notice. The support options, services, and prices described herein are available for Microsoft products acquired in the United States only. Support options, services, and prices outside the United States may vary. If you are outside the United States, please visit our International Support page.
Last Review : February 18, 2013