Internet Explorer (pre IE 10)

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  • Help stop a pop up on web pages saying

    Original Title: how do i get the pop up question from popo up everytime i open a window is say that if i would like to verw the web page or share with hittp i get a box that show up all the time i

  • opening two web pages side by side

    Can you have two open tabs or web pages side by side in IE 8?

  • Unable to display some web pages IE7

    Some web pages will not display. Then when I diagnose the problem I get this message: “” is not set up to establish a connect on port “World Wide Web service (HTTP)” with this computer. This

  • Certain web page content does not display properly

    Some web pages do not display properly. Text is generally present, but backgrounds, active buttons, and text-entry boxes are missing, for example. Have tried resetting IE settings with no improvement.

  • Send a web page in Windows 8

    how to email a web page in windows 8 when I hit file send the page by email is grayed out