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  • I am trying to watch TV episodes online and i get no sound but when i play music on my computer i can hear the song just fine

    i am trying to watch full episodes of tv shows online at the websites but i get no sound when i watch the episodes but then i will put a cd in my laptop or even play my itunes and listen to songs just

  • No Sound

    I have sound when listening to music stored on my computer but no sound while trying to watch videos on the internet.

  • I cannot get sound to play on youtube etc

    All of a sudden I can no longer get audio to play on youtube type files, etc. I can play music through windows media player and the sound controls work fine. I have the latest adobe flash player and

  • My sound icon

    I got a brand new Gateway FX6860 with i 7 high end gaming desktop from Fry's and inside of 2 days, the mute came on and no more sound. I do music so this is a bit of an issue. Microsoft support were

  • no sound from internet

    I can hear the sound wen I play music from my CD ROM, but can not hear anything from a internet video only the graphic works.