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    Download free templates for resumes, spreadsheets, documents, calendars, presentations, brochures, certificates, labels, business cards, and more for Microsoft Office products.

  • Altering the Employee Shift Schedule Template in Excel 2013

    Hi I am trying to adapt the above template where I need to have more hours in the working day. I can see that the total worked is drawn from

  • pulling data from a template,

    Hi I have a temnplate, which has all different kinds of data on it, i then pull certain columns from this template to only show the data which i want. new data is added to the first template weekly,

  • Printing from a template

    I have a list in Excel [76, 32, 59, 63]. I have a template that I want it to pull a number from the list and print it. So the first one prints with a 76 in the appropriate cell. And the next one to