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  • one excel 2007 file crash

    i have a excel 2007 file which will crash out when i open it. i found a error message in the event viewer. Faulting application name: EXCEL.EXE, version: 12.0.6665.5003, time stamp: 0x5061d2a8

  • Opening multiple spreadsheets causes excel 2010 to crash

    Windows 7 home, office 2010 Professional Plus (student license) It's kind of an inconsistent crash, because every once in a while I can make it work for a bit, and it seems to be related to

  • Why does Power Pivot crash my system within 5 minutes of use??

    Why does the add-in for Excel - Power Pivot crash my system within 5-10 minutes of working on it. if I do a save as or create a pivot table sometimes it works sometimes it crashes.

  • excel crash with smart charts

    Each time that I try to enter a value, excel crash. I'm just trying to create a simple smart chart and it happens all the time. Then, the system try to look for a solution that of course, is never

  • Excel 2010 & also word crash when trying to add an ftp location

    I'm attempting to add an ftp location to excel 2010 (and also word on Office Pro Plus 2010) and the application immediately crashes. I send the error to MS in hopes it will direct me to a solution -