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  • Custom date format m/d causes Excel 2010 to crash

    I upgraded from Excel 2003 to Excel 2010, and it worked for a while. Suddenly this custom date format is causing my Excel to crash! It happens as soon as I select the cell itself. The only way I can

  • Excel Crash BEX64

    I have problems with my excel every time I try to close a file. It takes much more time than usual while closing and from time to time, a crash occurs. I simply open the excel --> a new blank sheet

  • excel application error 1000

    I am having Excel crash several times a day, and the error is always the same. This appears at random times and in random documents. I am running a Dell Lattitude with 4g ram, i7 dual core, 32 bit os.

  • HP Officejet pro 8600 when printing may/may not crash the computer

    When printing a document in either excel or word 2010 from time to time the computer will crash when printing the last page of the document.

  • Execl 2010 crashes when opening any csv file

    Double-clicking on any csv file will cause Excel 2010 to crash. No problems occur if the csv file is used as an import using