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  • Function/Formula sorts data.

    Hi all, I would like to know if there is any function/formula Excel provides to help in sorting data. For example, I have my data in Sheet1 as follows: A B Customer Product 1 234 16432 2 432 17094 3

  • Locking a formula or function to a cell

    How do I lock a formula or a function to specific cells, so that even after I sort and these cells move to different rows, the formula or function still picks up on those specific cells?

  • how to sort in formula based cells

    i have made a small excel file for cricket as it calculates the NET RUN RATE but the difficulty is that i want the net run rate column to sort according to largest to small with the team names column

  • Formula or VBA Function to List Unique values from a range of three columns

    Hi, Is there a formula or function to list the Unique Values in a range of three columns? Trying to create a List in Column E of the Unique Values (Product-Lot nos.) in Range B3:D50 as shown above.

  • Im looking for a Formula to SORT & Match to get Max

    Im looking for Formula to SORT & Match to get Max for cell CP39:44 THESE ARE THE CELLS THAT I WANT TO WORK WITH for a Formula BE39:BE44 , BL39:BL44 , BS39:BS44 , BZ39:BZ44 , CG39:CG44 , CN39:CN44