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  • Format an organization chart

    You can format your organization chart in a number of ways, such as changing a solid line to a dotted line, changing the colors of the organization chart, or applying a SmartArt style to your chart.

  • Create an organization chart using SmartArt Graphics

    Use the SmartArt graphic feature to create a hierarchial representation of individuals in your company.

  • Add a chart title

    Know what your chart (graph) is about by showing a chart title in your chart at the location you want.

  • Copy an Excel chart to another Office program

    Insert a linked chart (graph) in Word, PowerPoint, or Outlook by copying the chart from Excel so the chart can be edited in the destination program, or copying it as a static picture.

  • Rotate a chart

    Rotate a pie chart in your Office document to make it easier to make sense of at a quick glance.