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  • A macro for outlook

    Hi All, I send some reports to my manager. Is it possible to create/attach macro in that email or anywhere so that when I send the updated report (diff. dates) with the same subject the previous email

  • Create a macro for Outlook

    I want to be able to create a macro that will allow users to send an email with a form attached to a prefilled outlook email address and subject line. This form would be a form that the user fills out

  • A macro to attach a file (with hotkey)

    Hello everybody! Won't somebody help me to make a macro for attaching a file dialog in a new letter in Outlook 2007, for I can asign a shortcut for it. I know how to create, save and add a shortcut to

  • Creating a macro in Outlook

    Hi. I want to create keyboard shortcuts for moving certain mails to my Personal Folders. I can not create a rule, since the messages do not have specific properties in common. I see there is a Macro

  • Macro files

    Hi, In which folder should I place a macro file I want to use in Outlook 2013? Thanks