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  • Opening email causes Outlook crash

    I've just installed Office 2010 with Win 7. Works well, EXCEPT Outlook continues to crash every second or third time I open an email. I've uninstalled Office and reinstalled it; same problem. Anyone

  • Outlook 2003 continues to crash, even in safe mode

    Outlook 2003 continues to crash, even in safe mode. Problems seemed to begin when I added an external hard drive running continuous back up of all user files. So I disconnected the external drive but

  • Outlook 2010 Crash on startup BEX

    Outlook 2010 crashes. It was running fine and just started to crash within the last day. I don't see any system updates that might have caused a problem.. I have searched other similar posts but found

  • Outlook 2007 Crash with Event ID 7003

    I am running Windows 7 x64 with Office 2007 tied to Exchange 2003 SP2. Outlook will crash several times daily with the only event to show for it below. No error reporting message is displayed and

  • Missing information after 2010 Outlook crash.

    Outlook 2010 crashed. Upon reinstalling all calendar and contact information was gone. Additionally no emails were received since the date of the crash (although those previous to the crash are