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  • Office 2010 starting to get very slow

    Does anyone have an idea what could cause office 2010 to start running very slow? It is now taking 45-60 seconds to open a file or an email. I have had it for about 6 months and have not had this

  • My msft outlook e-mail is horribly slow.

    My msft outlook e-mail is just recently really slow, when I click on new, it opens an empty box and I have to wait for it to fill, reply; same thing and when I e-mail someone, I have to hit send

  • Outlook crash when changing user account for sending mail.

    Win 7 enterprise x64. Outlook 2010 x32. Changing user account on outgoing mail (mail residing in the Outbox) causes outlook to crash (outlook in off line mode). If I change the user account when

  • why is outlook 2010 so slow?

    I am a Windows 7 Professional user and I have been having trouble with Outlook 2010 since the last update. All activities, including send/receive and deleting are very, very slow. I see from the

  • Outlook very slow when deleting mail

    Every time I delete an email in outlook 2010 it says not responding and goes real slow. How do I fix this? I also tried finding scanpst and can't find it on my computer. Not sure if that would have