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  • Insert a picture

    Insert or copy pictures or clip art in Excel, Outlook, Project, and PowerPoint 2013. This article also explains how you can use pictures as slide backgrounds.

  • Save a picture as a separate file

    Save a picture, SmartArt graphic, or PowerPoint slide as a separate image file, like a JPEG (.jpg) or Graphics Interchange Format (.gif) in Office.

  • Remove a picture background

    Make your pictures pop by removing the background or other unnecessary detail. Use Crop and other options on the Picture Tools tab to make your pictures look better in Word 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Proj...

  • Add a transparent picture (watermark) to your slides

    Use a transparent image in the background of your slides.

  • Add a picture to a photo album

    Add your pictures to a PowerPoint photo album or update a photo album with more photographs.