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  • Format an organization chart

    You can format your organization chart in a number of ways, such as changing a solid line to a dotted line, changing the colors of the organization chart, or applying a SmartArt style to your chart.

  • Rotate a chart

    Rotate a pie chart in your Office document to make it easier to make sense of at a quick glance.

  • Copy an Excel chart to another Office program

    Insert a linked chart (graph) in Word, PowerPoint, or Outlook by copying the chart from Excel so the chart can be edited in the destination program, or copying it as a static picture.

  • Create an organization chart using SmartArt Graphics

    Use the SmartArt graphic feature to create a hierarchial representation of individuals in your company.

  • Change the color or style of a chart

    Change the look of a chart, using color or the new Chart Styles, on an email, slide, project plan, or document in PowerPoint, Project, or Word 2013. Use Live Preview to see what the changes look like ...