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  • How to open old .ppt files using MS Office 2007

    I recently installed MS Office 2007 Home and Student version in my HP computer with Windows 7 operating system. I cannot open any files created before 2000 usin this program. What is the easiest way

  • How can I get 2010 Powerpoint open older ppt (2003 version) files?

    I have a bunch of powerpoint files created and stored with 1997-2003 powerppoint format but the new 2010 version will not open and allow me to read or use. Is there some conversion or backwards

  • Opening old versions?

    Why is it so hard to think users may want to open old files from 1997? I don't care if PP upgrades it to the latest version, heck I don't care if it just gives me plain text, I just want to get to the

  • publish powerpoint presentation to file

    Hi, In an older version of powerpoint I was able to publish the main presention to file including linked files. When I did this to say a memory stick the older version of powerpoint bundled powerpoint

  • I also can't get a file to open in PP.

    I also can't get a file to open in PP. Then, I tried another PP file and it couldn't open. So, now I am wondering if it is the software itself. If I have to uninstall and re install will my previous