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  • Data Sense ?

    I'm from Iran , i have an HTC 8X (no brand) after update 8.0.10327.77 i dont have DataSense , but one of my friend have HTC 8x (no brand) he update too , and Data Sense are avaible for him , we use

  • Data Sense only on

    My brother and i are both on the same network. We both have GDR2. Both unbranded and free (carrier unlocked).Hes has got a Lumia i have at HTC 8x. He has DataSense. - I do not. WHY? i really do not

  • data sense

    i dont have data sense in my new nokia lumia 820 in the India ... please provide it soon or develop a app for that.all android user have that kind of app.

  • Data Sense app?

    I have a Nokia 620 bought in the UAE and it doesn't have the Data Sense app installed and neither can I find it in the App store to download? can anyone please advise?

  • Data Sense India Lumia's , Please Respond

    Hi , I am using Nokia Lumia 920 bought from Nokia Retailer. It does not have Data Sense Pre installed. Before you all say that its career dependent let me be clear about this , in india all phone are