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  • Problem connecting to the internet

    I have internet, but my laptop does not receive it while my other computers do. My laptop connects to the router but gets no internet. I found out that there is no internet access for ipv4

  • Delay connecting to the internet

    My notebook is taking between 1 and 1 & a half minutes to connect to the internet. Virtually nothing running in start up to slow down machine.(have used Reevo) Machine is an Acer Aspire 5738ZG. I used

  • Connecting to the internet

    I have a DELL Inspiron 5110 running Windows 7 that will not connect to the internet via any of the public wifi services available at the coffee shops. It will show the wifi networks, I can select them

  • Internet connection - but no connecting to the internet

    Hello there, I have 100% connectivity but I can't connect to the internet (cable or wireless). I'm using Window's 7. All was fine until last week and then nothing. The computer can't give me a

  • error 692 when connecting blackberry bold to the internet

    I want to use my BlackBerry 9900 Bold smartphone as a modem when accessing the internet through my desktop computer.I followed all the instruction required to set up a Dial-up connection.But on trying