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  • Troubleshooting through Action Center

    Running Windows 7. I previouslyu had no problem with the Troubleshooting feature of the Action Center to fix problems. Now I do and get the following detailed message & error: Package:

  • Action Center report

    Remember - This is a public forum so never post private information such as email or phone numbers! Ideas:My action center always states backup in progress yet when I go into backup it states backup

  • Windows 7 Proffesional Action center Reliability monitor not logging

    The action center on my computer is no longer logging or recording info .I am running windows 7 Professional it stoped on the 27th of July . It is the reliability monitor that shows any warnings

  • Action Center - Nero not working but I haven't installed it.

    I received a notice from Action Center that Nero 8 has topped working properly. I have not installed Nero at all. The fix offered went to the Nero website for an updated version. Why did I get this

  • Windows action center doesn't ever seem to solve problems.

    On a fairly frequent basis the Windows action center will detect an 'issue' and suggest I run the problem solver. I do and it never is able to solve any problem that occurs. I haven't seen a