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  • screen saver and sleep mode

    When the screen saver comes on, the back ground stays on too, whether it is just background or a webpage. Also when I want it to go to sleep, the screen will go black but the computer does not go to

  • Use pictures as your screen saver

    Use the Photos screen saver to see a selection of pictures and videos as a slide show. Change the slide show theme to see your pictures in different ways.

  • Use your Windows password for your screen saver password

    Help make your computer more secure by using your Windows password as your screen saver password.

  • screen saver does not tunr off the display

    Hi, I'm new here and have just purchased a Gateway Laptop. Tried to get help from Gatewau but they said it was a widos vista problem. So, I downloaded a standard windows screensaver. When the

  • How do I manipulate the screen saver?

    Hi, I have set my screen saver to display bubbles after 15 minutes of downtime. However, the bubbles now appear on top of a black screen whereas I seem to remember that before I changed it the first