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  • Fax problem

    I am trying to use my fax feature on the Pro8500 all in the one printer. It connects but I receive a message saying

  • How do I setup HP4500 all in one printer / fax?

    I needto install an HP4500 all in one printer/fax, At present I have telephone with built in answerphone, tower, telstra external modem and the Hp, what do I connect to what? As in title, I have HP

  • How to get the fax option to work without my Windows XP Home Edition CD-ROM?

    Original Title: FAX/WINDOWS XP I need to install the fax components, but Windows XP Home Edition CD-ROM is required. I don't have that CD-ROM.. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  • Cannot install fax in windows xp sp3

    When I try to install Fax component, the installation completes. However, I cannot see the installed fax software in start>all programs>accessories>communications...what could be the problem? please

  • Not able to setup fax on Windows XP machine.

    Original title: windows fax component files. i am trying to setup faxing on an xp machine running service pack 3. when i click on the component box and click next the machine says it wants the xp