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Help and support for Bing Ads. Links to FAQs, how-to articles, blogs, forums, and customer service.

Key Resources

Key resources

Bing Advertising homepage
Get started with Bing Advertising, find helpful search marketing content, case studies, Bing Ads support, trainings and downloads.

Getting started
We’ll help you get started so you can hit the ground running.

Connect with us

Bing Ads blog
Get the latest from Microsoft and guest bloggers.

Bing Ads forum
Connect with others in the Bing Ads support community forums.

Bing Ads Twitter
Follow us for news, tips & best practices about Bing Ads, pay per click (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM) & more from the Bing Ads community team.

Get help

Bing Ads support
Get support with help topics, downloads and training.

Bing Ads help and how to
Get overview and how to information to help you create, manage, and optimize your advertising campaigns.

Bing Ads downloads
Download tools and time saving applications.

Bing Ads training
Access courses that provide in-depth knowledge of Bing Ads and prepares you for the Accredited Professional exam.

Contact support by phone or email
You can contact a Bing Ads support representative by phone or email.

Last Review : February 7, 2013