Microsoft Certified Partners

  • Locating Microsoft Certified Partners and Gold Certified Partners using the Microsoft Resource Directory

    Below, find instructions on how to locate Microsoft Certified or Gold Certified Partners who provide services where Microsoft assisted support is no longer available.

    Step 1
    Find out which partners provide services for the product for which you require technical support.

    Step 2
    Go to the Microsoft Resource Directory

    Step 3
    Enter the name of the company you wish to locate into the search box, ensuring that you have selected 'Company name', then press the 'Go' button

    Step 4
    You will be presented with the search results, and will be able to select the company you have been looking for. The information provided includes full contact information, and a breakdown of their Service Details

    DISCLAIMER: Microsoft provides technical assisted support in line with the Microsoft Support Lifecycle of a product. The Services which Microsoft Certified Partners offer will be subject to those providers? own terms and conditions, and you should contact them for further details.
Last Review : 19 February 2013