Gold Certified Partners for Support Services

  • The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Program identifies companies that have proven a commitment and expertise in one or more specialized areas when delivering Microsoft technologies. The benefits of the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Program are in addition to those of the Microsoft Certified Partner Program.

         A complete set of support options

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners augment the support available direct from Microsoft with multivendor support services. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners acknowledge that, as Microsoft products are integrated into multivendor environments, you need support not just for Microsoft software, but also for hardware, networking, and software products from other vendors.

         Choose your vendors

Some larger customers want not only the flexibility of the new open systems environment, but also a choice in the vendors or partners with whom they work and the option of developing their own in-house activities. Additionally, customers are often looking for a third-party provider that can offer a single contact who will help them move to a distributed computing environment.

         Chosen for their proven quality and expertise

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are among the most highly qualified support providers in the industry, with each one providing a variety of services for each phase of the enterprise-computing life cycle. Each one has its own standards of quality, education, and multivendor support expertise and is committed to customer satisfaction. In addition, Microsoft Gold Certified Partners must meet stringent Microsoft standards for supporting Microsoft products and technology and must have Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers on staff.

         Fully backed by Microsoft

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner support personnel have ongoing access to complete technical information on Microsoft products, technologies, and support tools--the same information used by our own engineers. An engineer exchange program enables Microsoft Gold Certified Partner support personnel to quickly become proficient at supporting Microsoft technologies and products. Many Microsoft Gold Certified Partner support engineers have completed the technical training to become Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers

         Ordering and Enquiry (Personal/Professional User)

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Last Review : Thursday, July 30, 2009