Obtaining daylight saving time updates for Microsoft products

Microsoft is committed to assisting customers who are affected by DST changes. Although the impact of DST changes is primarily within the affected time zones, changes may affect users in other time zones. Systems which interact or integrate with systems that are based in the affected time zones or rely on date and time calculations may be affected.

Microsoft wants to help make sure that customers and partners know their options for obtaining available DST updates. Please visit the Daylight Saving Help Time and Support Center for the help and support on how to update your Windows computer for Daylight Savings Time (DST). Please refer to the relevant KB article for your DST topic which can be found by searching.

How customers and partners can obtain the updates:

  • Microsoft products in Mainstream Support Phase

    Microsoft will release hotfixes at no charge for DST 2007 through Microsoft Update for products in the Mainstream Support phase of the Microsoft Support Lifecycle. For a list of affected products within Mainstream Support, refer to the Product Lifecycle page.

  • Microsoft products in Extended Support Phase

    Customers who are running Microsoft software that is beyond Mainstream Support but still in the Extended Support Phase, can confirm whether their product is eligible by visiting the Product Lifecycle page. If the product is eligible, two options exist for installing DST hotfixes on these products.

    Option 1: Manual update option

    For some products in Extended Support, such as Windows 2000, Microsoft provides instructions about how to manually update the system by using Time Zone Editor and other techniques. Detailed instructions are documented in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 914387.

    Option 2: DST update

    Customers who prefer to have a hotfix may be able to purchase DST updates for affected Microsoft products in Extended Support via an Extended Hotfix Support (EHS) contract. Customers can also contact their Technical Account Manager or Account Representative for additional assistance.

  • Microsoft products no longer supported

    Products that have ended their Support Lifecycle are not eligible to receive support or a hotfix. Customers who are running versions of products that are no longer supported are encouraged to upgrade to versions that are supported.

Microsoft values your business. For more information, contact Microsoft for help.

Last Review : March 15, 2013