Extended Support and Extended Hotfix Support are Now Available for Microsoft Dynamics® AX 3.0

Extended Support for Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0

Extended Support will be available for Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 after Mainstream Support ends on January 13, 2009. Extended Support will be available until January 10, 2012. With this extension, Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 customers will benefit from the 10 years of support that is similar to the Support Lifecycle for other Microsoft Dynamics products.

We provide the following support during the Extended Support phase for Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0:

  • We will continue to provide security updates and paid support (Example: Premier and Essential support, per-incident telephone support and Web support, and so on)
  • Customers will continue to have access to all Self-Help Online Support options (Example: Knowledge Base articles, online product information, and so on)
  • Only customers who are enrolled in Extended Hotfix Support (EHS) can request tax and regulatory updates and non-security hotfixes. Per-fix fees will also apply.

Note: Extended Support will be provided for Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 only at a supported service pack level, per the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy on service packs.

Extended Hotfix Support (EHS) Program for Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0

During the Extended Support phase, customers will be able to purchase EHS for Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0. The EHS program allows customers the opportunity to request non-security hotfixes during the Extended Support phase.

Note: To qualify for EHS, customers must already be enrolled in a Business Ready Enhancement Plan, and customers must have or obtain Premier Support.

Customers are requested to contact their Microsoft Technical Account Manager or Account Representative for pricing and additional information about the EHS program.

Last Review : March 15, 2013