Microsoft Support Lifecycle’s Component Support Policy Provides More Flexibility to Customers

Microsoft is announcing a key update to the Support Lifecycle policy for components.

A “component” is defined as a set of files or features that are included with a Microsoft product, whether it is shipped with the product, included in a product service pack, or later made available as a web download for the product.

Components will now be supported with the parent product(s) or platform(s) to which they are associated. The product(s) to which a component is associated will be specified in the component’s end-user license agreement. This means that a component will be supported as part of the Mainstream Support and Extended Support for the parent product or platform.

Note: As per the Support Lifecycle policy for service packs, support for the component will be provided only at the parent product’s supported service pack level.

This update to the Support Lifecycle policy for components benefits customers by providing longer and more flexible support for components.

The Microsoft Support Lifecycle (MSL) policy provides transparent, predictable information regarding the support lifecycle of Microsoft products. More information is available on the MSL Web site:

Last Review : March 15, 2013