Do you need the help of a Microsoft Support specialist? Contact Microsoft Services and Support

Whether you are looking to resolve a product issue at home, searching for technical expertise at work or wanting to develop product solutions, Microsoft provides a variety of assisted support services to meet your requirements.

No Charge Support

No-Charge Support

* Customers who have purchased their software from a retailer (known as shrink-wrapped software) please observe the following support policy:

90 days No-charge Support included with Software Purchase

Customers who purchase full packaged products (consumer products, desktop applications, desktop operating systems) will receive 90 days of no-charge assistance via phone, starting from either the product activation or the first incident.

  • 90 days support from product activation for Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • 90 days support from first incident for the 2007 Microsoft Office system
  • 90 days support from first incident for all other Consumer products

* Refer to the currently supported products at 
* Customers who have Microsoft software pre-installed on their new PC please observe the following support policy:

Customers whose Microsoft consumer products came preinstalled on their new PC may use MicrosoftPersonal Support for a fee. Contact your localMicrosoft office for more information.

Please note that if your software was preinstalled on your computer, your supplier may be the most appropriate resource for technical support, click here for further information.

* Customers may also be entitled to No-charge Support Incidents as a Program Benefit or Microsoft License Type

Click on the appropriate link to find out whether you are entitled to no-charge telephone or online support incidents if:

Paid for Support

Paid-for Support
  • Personal Support
    If you are using a PC at home or are working from home and require telephone or online support for Microsoft desktop and consumer products in stand-alone or simple network environment, please visit Personal Support.
  • Professional Support
    If you are involved in the development, deployment and management of Microsoft software solutions in commercial environments and require telephone or online support, please visit Professional Support.
  • Essential Support
    If your business needs direct 24/7 telephone and web based access to Microsoft's Technical Account Team, which provides you with problem resolution support and proactive support assistance, please visit Essential Support.
  • Microsoft Services Partner Advantage
    Microsoft Services Partner Advantage has been created to help partners more effectively develop, deploy and support solutions using Microsoft technologies. Comprehensive, flexible, and cost effective, this services offering is designed to meet the needs and budget of partners of all types and sizes.
  • Premier Support
    If your business requires 24/7 premium-level support, with a designated Technical Account Manager to help define custom support options that align strategically with your IT landscape, please visit Premier Support.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services
  • Microsoft Consulting Services
    If you are looking for IT strategy, development and infrastructure services to help you design, implement and deploy leading edge Microsoft technologies in your business, please visit Microsoft Consulting Services.
Last Review : Wednesday, 31 October 2012