• If your Microsoft product was installed on your computer when you purchased it, the computer manufacturer is your primary source of technical support. View Computer Manufacturers contact information.
  • The available assisted technical support duration is determined by Microsoft Product Support Lifecycle, click here to get more details.
Scope of Warranty Support
In scope: Setup and install problems, basic how to questions and all break/fix related issues.

Installation support: Installation is defined as "the process where the Microsoft program is extracted from the installation media, onto the computer hard drive and the application successfully launches, or the operating system boots." Free assistance with installation is limited to individual installation of Microsoft products on stand-alone or network client systems. This service does not cover bulk or automated installation of products, network connectivity issues. Further criteria and conditions for free installation support are as follows:
  • Setup program will not run to completion
  • Features previously working before an upgrade can no longer be use
  • The PC hardware is on the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) (where applicable)
  • Software installed on the PC is listed on the Software Compatibility List (SCL) (where applicable)
Not in scope: Problems related to network environments, for example, local area network connectivity, security, messaging and network printing
  • Performance tuning
  • Onsite support
  • Advisory service
  • Password decode service
  • Data recovery
  • 3rd party products
Getting Warranty Support from Microsoft:
You may also contact our technical support hotline for assistance.Prior to making contacts, please have the following information handy:
  • Product Identification (PID)
  • Name and version of Microsoft product
  • Returned message or return code
Last Review : Sunday, August 17, 2014