New Retail Consumer Support Options To Launch for with Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system

Microsoft is committed to helping customers optimize their technology investments through support tailored to meet their needs.

Microsoft continuously evaluates its support offerings based on customer and partner feedback, and will implement new support options with the release of Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system in January, 2007.

Retail product support:  On January 30, 2007, Microsoft’s support policy for new retail versions of Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system will change to support Microsoft customers within a 90-day timeframe at no charge. By enhancing Microsoft’s support benefit available to consumers within a 90-day timeframe, we are welcoming customers to contact Microsoft as often as they need during this important time. Microsoft’s existing support policy for Windows XP and prior versions of Office will not change.

No-charge support:  Microsoft will continue to help customers, at no charge, for any questions that arise from security or virus issues, as well as Windows Update / Microsoft Update.

Fee-based support:  An expanded pricing model will be available for assisted support incidents to provide more personalized support options based on customers’ technology usage. Different levels of support will be available to customers based on the technology supported and the implementation scenario. This includes general assistance inquiries across all supported product versions for Personal, Office, and Windows products.

OEM support:  Microsoft is committed to help computer manufacturers deliver great support to our shared customers. Customers who bought a preinstalled Microsoft product from a computer manufacturer will receive technical support from that manufacturer. To help you, we have listed contact information for the top manufacturers on the Microsoft support Web site.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1:  Why is Microsoft changing the support price at this time?

Answer 1:  The new fee-based support options account for new technology usage and customer implementation, which is paramount as Microsoft customers rely more on integrated technology solutions. Microsoft is launching expanded support options for home users in an effort to route customers to the right engineer more quickly based on the customer’s technology scenario. Support incident prices have not been increased for many years and Microsoft will continue to make an investment in services for home users.

Question 2:  What is included in the expanded support prices?

Answer 2:  The following support incident prices better reflect the value Microsoft delivers to customers. These prices represent the U.S. and Canada.

Products Example Services Price
Personal Products Money 2007 General assistance $35 USD
Office Suite 2007 Microsoft Office system General assistance $49 USD
Windows Operating System Windows Vista General assistance and Peripheral Set-up $59 USD
Includes all Microsoft products and some third party hardware Operating system performance optimization, networking, entertainment, and digital media products Scenario-based assistance $79 USD

Question 3:  How have these new prices been calculated?

Answer 3:  To more accurately reflect the value of and Microsoft’s investment in the service, support incident pricing for Microsoft consumers has been designed through an analysis of competitive offerings and in reference to GDP per capita. The new prices will take effect with the release of Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system on January 30, 2007, and will be published on Microsoft support Web site at

Question 4:  Why will the warranty support policy have a 90-day timeframe?

Answer 4:  Today, consumers who buy and install Windows and Office retail products can call Microsoft at no charge for technical help with their product installation and two additional support inquiries. When setting-up new technologies, we anticipate that the majority of consumers will have questions while installing the new products and migrating existing applications. By enhancing Microsoft’s support benefit available to consumers within a 90-day timeframe, we are welcoming customers to contact Microsoft as often as they need during this important time.

Following the 90-day timeframe, customers will continue to have a variety of support options to choose from. To learn more about the support entitlement that comes with Microsoft products, please visit the Microsoft Help and Support Web site at

Question 5:  When does the 90-day support timeframe start?

Answer 5:  Microsoft Product Activation (MPA) policy requires that products such as Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system be activated within 30 days of installing the product. For Windows Vista, the 90-day support timeframe will start when the customer activates the product. For the 2007 Microsoft Office system, the 90 days will be based upon the first time that the customer contacts Microsoft support. For more information on MPA, please refer to the Knowledge Base article posted on the Microsoft support Web site:
Last Review : July 30, 2009