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Key Resources

Key Resources

Zune Product Home Page
Visit the Zune home page for product information, purchasing options, technical resources, and more.

Get the latest Zune software
Download the latest Zune software for free.

Zune Learning Center
Get in-depth info on the best ways to use Zune on your PC, Windows Phone 7, Xbox LIVE, and Zune HD.

Zune Sync Center
Find out about the options for syncing your content across different Zune devices and players.

Accounts needed
Learn about the accounts you need to set up to use Zune on different devices and players.

Zune on Windows Phone 7
Stream unlimited music** or download media over the air. Sync your favorite stuff and take it with you.

Zune on Xbox Live
Learn about Zune on Xbox Live

Join the Social
In the Zune online community, you can discover new music, share music with friends, and make new friends.

Top Solutions

Top Issues
Browse the top issues for Zune.

Troubleshooting Topics
View an alphabetical list of current troubleshooting topics for your Zune.

Error message: Zune software doesn't support Windows Service Pack 2
This article describes steps to take if the Zune software has misidentified your operating system as Windows XP.

How to manage podcasts in the Zune software
Learn how to subscribe, play and manage podcasts in the Zune software.

How to restore your Zune device software
This article describes how to restore your Zune device software. You may want to restore your Zune device software when the device does not operate as expected.

Your Zune device is not detected by your computer or the Zune software
This article describes a problem in which the Zune device is not detected by your computer or by using Zune Software.

Multiple Windows Live IDs
What to do if you are using multiple Windows Live IDs.

Restoring lost or deleted media
If you've lost or deleted songs or other media in your collection, you might be able to get them back with these steps.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

Zune privacy policy
This notice provides highlights of the full Microsoft Online Privacy Statement. This notice and the full privacy statement apply to those Microsoft Web sites and services that display or link to this notice.

Virus and Security Solution Center
Visit the Virus & Security Solution Center for answers to common questions and links to helpful resources.

Microsoft Security Center
For the latest in computer security.

Support Options

Self-Support Options

Search the Knowledge Base
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for technical solutions to common break-fix issues with Windows Mobile

Ask the community
Get help and support from other users with Zune enabled devices, software and service, and discuss all things Zune.

Assisted Support Options

Tweet Zune Support on Twitter (@ZuneSupport)
The Zune support team is just a tweet away!

Registration, Warranty and Service for your Zune
Register your device or request a repair online

Contact Microsoft Support
Assisted phone support for Error message, setup, syncing, replacement or billing/account management.

Last Review : December 13, 2010