Reservado números de error devueltos en VB 3.0 por el motor Jet 2.0

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El siguiente es una lista de códigos de error reservados que pueden devolverse por el nuevo motor Jet de Microsoft Access versión 2.0 que ahora puede utilizar Visual Basic Si ha instalado Jet 2.0 y Visual Basic 3.0 nivel de compatibilidad.

Los números de error reservados enumerados aquí no son los códigos de error de Visual Basic. Son errores de Jet 2.0 no asignados que se exponen sólo como "Reservada errores" en Visual Basic. En una versión futura de Visual Basic, muchos de estos errores de Jet 2.0 se asignarán a códigos de error de Visual Basic.

Ya que estos números de error reservados están sujetas a cambio, los desarrolladores no deberían depender ellos siendo el mismo y deben estar preparados para actualizar las rutinas de interceptación de errores cuando se suelta la próxima versión de Visual Basic.

Con cada uno de los números de error Jet versión 2.0 enumerados, encontrará una cadena de error breve que aparece cuando se ve el error en Microsoft Access versión 2.0. Sólo el mensaje "Error reservados" aparece cuando aparezca el mismo error en Visual Basic.

Cuando se produce un error desde el motor Jet 2.0, llamar a la instrucción Error devolverá 3000 el número de error. Puede obtener el error reservado real observando los resultados devueltos por ERROR $.

Nota: Hay caracteres de canalización (|) a través de estas cadenas que actúan como marcadores de posición para información de contexto, como nombres de columna, nombres de tabla y etc. que se podría rellenar en el momento del error.

En el archivo de Ayuda en pantalla de Microsoft Access, utilice los pasos siguientes para buscar más información acerca de cada una de las cadenas de error y su significado cuando se aplica a Microsoft Access:
  1. Elija Ayuda en el menú principal de Microsoft Access.
  2. Elija Buscar y buscar este tema:

    mensajes de error: referencia
  3. Seleccione ese tema.
Ahora puede buscar cadenas de error específico alfabéticamente.

Más información


  -1010 Invalid database ID.
  -1016 Can't have more than 10 fields in an index.
  -1029 Database engine hasn't been initialized.
  -1030 Database engine has already been initialized.
  -1034 Query support unavailable.
  -1046 Can't delete a field that is part of an index.
  -1051 Can't delete this index.  It is either the current index
        or is used in a relationship.
  -1062 Can't create database; Invalid locale.
  -1066 Can't create a relationship.
  -1068 Invalid referential integrity constraint.
  -1070 Can't find Installable ISAM.
  -1106 JET_errCommitConflict Read lock failed due to outstanding commit
  -1209 The Jet database engine has encountered a problem in your
        database.  To correct the problem, you must repair and
        compact the database.
  -1308 Can't define field or index in a table that contains
  -1309 Can't modify table structure.  Another user has the table
  -1315 Can't change a rule while the rules for this table are in
  -1316 Object is invalid for operation.
  -1402 Primary key already exists.
  -1403 Index already exists.
  -1406 Invalid index definition.
  -1513 Can't create index on Memo field or OLE Object field.
  -1519 Can't delete this field.  It's part of one or more
  -1523 Zero-length string is valid only in a text or Memo field.
  -1601 The key was not found. (JET_errRecordNotFound)
  -1802 Can't open |9 system database (typically SYSTEM.MDA).
  -1910 You must enter a personal identifier (PID) consisting of
        at least four and no more than 20 characters and digits.
  -1911 Account name already exists.
  -2030 There are several tables with that name. Please specify
        owner in the format 'owner.table'.
  -2031 Invalid connection string in pass-through query.
  -2032 Single-row update/delete affected more than one row of a
        remote table.  Index specified as unique contains
        duplicate values.
  -2033 The server's MSysConf table exists, but is in an
        incorrect format.  Contact your system administrator.
  -2034 You cannot use ODBC to attach an external Microsoft
        Access or ISAM database table to your database.
  -3028 Can't have action query as an input.
  -3031 Query does not return records.
  -3059 This query is not a properly formed data-definition
  -3060 No database specified in connection string or IN clause.
  -3063 At most one field can be returned from a subquery that
        doesn't use the EXISTS keyword.
  -3064 The number of columns in the two selected tables or
        queries of a union query don't match.
  -3066 Execute method must be used on action or data-definition
  -3069 Pass-through query with ReturnsRecords property set to
        True did not return any records.
  -3070 At most one record can be returned by this subquery."
  -3071 Query is too complex.
  -3072 Unions not allowed in a subquery.
  -3073 Can't perform join, group, or sort. Combined fields are
        too long.
  -3077 Too many FastFind Sessions were invoked.
  -3520 Number  of query values and destination fields aren't the
  -3530 Join expression not supported.
  -3531 Can be present only in version 1.0 format.
  -3532 Syntax error in union query.
  -3535 Pass-through query must contain at least one character.
  -3550 Syntax error in CONSTRAINT clause.
  -3551 Syntax error in CREATE TABLE statement.
  -3552 Syntax error in CREATE INDEX statement.
  -3553 Syntax error in field definition.
  -3554 Syntax error in ALTER TABLE statement.
  -3555 Syntax error in DROP INDEX statement.
  -3556 Syntax error in DROP TABLE statement.
  -3560 Relationship must be on the same number of fields with
        the same data types.
  -3561 Can't find field in index definition.
  -3601Property setting can't be larger than 2 KB.
  -3602 This property isn't supported for external data sources
        or for databases created in a previous version of |9.
  -3603 Property specified already exists.
  -3604 DeleteOnly called with non-zero cbData.
  -3605 An error has occurred.  Properties were not saved.
  -3606 Can't save property; property is a schema property.
  -3700 Validation rules and default values can't be placed on
        system or attached tables.
  -3704 Can't place this validation expression on this field.
  -3708 Syntax error in default value.
  -5015 External table isn't in the expected format.
  -5016 Unexpected error from external database driver (|).
  -5017 Numeric field overflow.
  -5020 Paradox index is not primary.
  -5029 Can't open '|'.  Another user has the table open using a
        different network control file or locking style.
  -5030 Can't open this Paradox 4.x table because ParadoxNetStyle
        is set to 3.x in |8.
  -5112 Format of memo file doesn't match specified external
        database format.
  -5210 Btrieve: Invalid IndexDDF option in |8.
  -5211 Invalid DataCodePage option in |8.
  -5212 Btrieve: Xtrieve options aren't correct in |8.
  -5213 Btrieve: Can't find file FIELD.DDF.
  -5214 Btrieve: Invalid IndexDeleteRenumber option in |8.
  -8056 No destination field name in INSERT statement (|).
  -8172 Top not allowed in delete queries.
  -8175 Crosstab query contains one or more invalid fixed column
  -8176 Query '|' is corrupt.
  -8177 Invalid TOP argument in select query.
  -8178 This Recordset is not updatable.
  -8179 Field '|' is based on an expression and can't be edited.
  -8180 Table '|2' is read-only.
  -8181 Record in table '|' was deleted by another user.
  -8182 Record in table '|' is locked by another user.
  -8183 To make changes to this field, first save the record.
  -8184 Can't enter value into blank field on 'one' side of outer
  -8185 Records in table '|' would have no record on the 'one'
  -8186 Current field must match join key '|' on 'one' side of
        outer join.
  -8187 Invalid Memo or OLE object in subquery '|'.
  -8188 Unrecognized database format '|'.
  -8189 ORDER BY expression (|) uses non-output fields.
  -8190 Unknown or invalid reference '|1' in validation
        expression or default value in table '|2'.
  -8191 Unknown or invalid field reference '|'.
  -8192 Can't add record(s); primary key for table '|' not in
  -8193 Can't add record(s); join key of table '|' not in
  -8194 The database is opened by user '|2' on machine '|1'.  You
        can't open this database exclusively.
  -8195 Record(s) can't be added; no corresponding record on the
        'one' side.
  -8196 Can't use Memo or OLE object field '|' in SELECT
        clause of a union query.
  -8197 Unknown function '|2' in validation expression or default
        value on '|1'.
  -8220 Can't modify the design of table '|'.  It's in a
        read-only database.
  -8221 Can't find table or constraint.
  -8222 No such index '|2' on table '|1'.
  -8223 Can't create relationship.  Referenced table '|' doesn't
        have a primary key.
  -8224 The specified fields are not uniquely indexed in table
  -8225 Table '|1' already has an index named '|2'
  -8226 Table '|' doesn't exist.
  -8227 No such relationship '|2' on table '|1'.
  -8228 There is already a relationship named '|' in the current
  -8229 Can't create relationships to enforce referential
        integrity.  Existing data in table '|2' violates
        referential integrity rules with related table '|1'.
  -8230 Field '|2' already exists in table '|1'.
  -8231 There is no field named '|2' in table '|1'.
  -8232 Field '|' size must be 1 to 255.
  -8233 Can't delete field '|'.  It's part of one or more
  -8234 There is no primary key in table '|'.
  -8235 Invalid field name '|' in definition of index or
  -8260 | in table-level validation expression.
  -8261 Field '|' can't contain a null value.
  -8262 Field '|' can't be a zero-length string.
  -8263 This validation rule must be met.
  -8264 Can't perform cascading operation.  Since related records
        exist in table '|', referential integrity rules would be
  -8265 Can't perform cascading operation.  There must be a
        related record in table '|'.
  -8266 Can't perform cascading operation.  It would result in a
        null key in table '|'.
  -8267 Can't perform cascading operation.  It would result in a
        duplicate key in table '|'.
  -8268 Can't perform cascading operation.  It would result
        in two updates on field '|2' in table '|1'.
  -8269 Can't perform cascading operation.  It would cause field
        '|' to become null, which is not allowed.
  -8270 Can't perform cascading operation.  It would cause field
        '|' to become a zero-length string, which is not allowed.
  -8271 Can't perform cascading operation:  '|'
  -8272 Invalid entry.  Can't perform cascading operation
        specified in table '|1' because value entered is too big
        for field '|2'.
  -8273 Write conflict due to cascading
  -8274 Can't perform cascading update on table '|' because it is
        currently in use.
  -20000 Can't open this database for update.
  -30001 No fields defined - cannot append table.
  -30002 Name not found in this collection.
  -30003 Can't append.  Field is part of a TableDefs collection.
  -30004 Property can be set only when the field is part of a Recordset
         object's Fields collection.
  -30005 Can't set this property once the object is part of a collection.
  -30006 Can't append.  Index is part of a TableDefs collection.
  -30007 Property not found.
  -30008 Invalid property value.
  -30009 Object isn't a collection.
  -30010 Method not applicable for this object.
  -30011 Can't set this property for remote objects.
  -30012 Can't append a relation with no fields defined.
  -30013 Can't append.  Object already in collection.
  -30014 Can't delete a built-in property.
  -30015 Property '|' must be set before using this method.
  -30016 User-defined properties don't support a Null value.
  -30017 Object is no longer valid.
  -30018 This method or property is not currently available on
         this Recordset.
  -30019 The action was canceled by an associated object.
  -30020 Error in DAO automation.
  -30021 Data type conversion error.
  -32020 Can't import table or query.  No records found, or all
         records contain errors.


 -8082   Expected '('


 -8083    Expected ')'


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