Description of the system capacities for Visual FoxPro for Windows 3.0

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This articles lists Visual FoxPro's System capacities in the following areas:

  • Tables and Index files.
  • Field Characteristics.
  • Memory Variables and Arrays.
  • Program and Procedure Files.
  • Report Designer Capacities.
  • Miscellaneous Capacities.


NOTE: Some of Visual FoxPro's capacities may be limited by available memory.
Table and Index Files

Maximum # of records per table file             1 billion  (1)
Maximum size of a table file                    2 gigabytes
Maximum # of characters per record                 65,500
Maximum # of fields per record                        255
Maximum # of tables open at one time                  255
Maximum # of characters per table field               254
Maximum # of characters per index key (.IDX)          100
Maximum # of characters per index key (.CDX)          240
Maximum # of open index files per table         unlimited  (2)
Maximum # of open indexes in all work areas     unlimited  (2)
Maximum # of relations                          unlimited
Maximum length of relational expressions        unlimited

Field Characteristics

Maximum size of character fields                      254
Maximum size of numeric (and float) fields             20
Maximum number of characters in field names
   in a free table                                     10
Maximum number of characters in field names
   in a table contained in a database                 128
Minimum value of an integer                -2,147,483,647
Maximum value of an integer                 2,147,483,647
Digits of precision in numeric computations            16

Memory Variables and Arrays

Default # of memory variables                       1,024
Maximum # of memory variables                      65,000
Maximum # of arrays                                65,000
Maximum # of elements per array                    65,000

Program and Procedure Files

Maximum # of lines in source program files      unlimited
Maximum size of compiled program modules              64K  (3)
Maximum # of procedures per file                unlimited
Maximum # of nested DO calls                          128
Maximum # of READ nesting levels                        5
Maximum # of nested structured programming commands   384
Maximum # of procedure arguments                       27
Maximum # of transactions                               5

Report Designer Capacities

Maximum # of objects in a report definition     unlimited  (2)
Maximum length of a report definition                  20 inches
Maximum # of grouping levels                          128
Maximum length of character report variables          255

Miscellaneous Capacities

Maximum # of open windows (all types)           unlimited  (2)
Maximum # of open Browse windows                      255
Maximum # of characters per character string            2 gigabytes
Maximum # of characters per command line            8,192
Maximum # of characters per label control on
   a report                                           252
Maximum # of characters per macro subst. line       8,192
Maximum # of open files  limited only by operating system
Maximum keystrokes in keyboard macro                1,024
Maximum fields that can be selected by a SQL
SELECT statement                                      255


(1) The actual file size (in bytes) cannot exceed two gigabytes for
single-user or exclusively opened multiuser .DBF files. Shared multiuser
.DBF files with no indexes or .IDX indexes cannot exceed one gigabyte. All
Visual FoxPro tables and shared multiuser 2.x .DBF files with structural
.CDX indexes cannot exceed two gigabytes.

(2) Limited by memory and available file handles. .CDX files use only one
file handle.

(3) A program module is one procedure. A program or application can contain
an unlimited number of program modules.


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  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0 Standard Edition
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