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Este artigo é um guia para a documentação do Visual FoxPro. Ele lista a documentação impressa e online que vem com as versões padrão (DESVPAD) e Professional (PRO) do Visual FoxPro e também fornece uma referência a tópicos comuns.

Mais Informações

Resumo da documentação

Documentation       STD   PRO   Description
Installation Guide   X     X    Contains instructions on installing,
Master Index                    configuring, and optimizing Visual FoxPro,
                                and a master index that covers all the

User's Guide         X     X    Provides instruction on how to use the
                                product interactively (no programming
                                necessary). Each chapter focuses on a
                                different aspect of the product (tables,
                                queries, reports, forms, and so on).

Developer's Guide    X     X    Covers all aspects of creating an
                                application in Visual FoxPro. Covers basic
                                programming tasks, and includes material to
                                help the move from interactive use to
                                programming, and from procedural
                                programming to the new object-oriented
                                programming model.

Quick Reference      X     X    Gives a brief description of all the Visual
                                FoxPro 3.0 commands, system memory
                                variables, and properties, events, and

Professional               X    Covers client-server solutions, creating
Features Guide                  help files, distributing applications, and
                                accessing the Visual FoxPro API.

Language Reference         X    Has been updated with all the new
                                commands, functions, properties, events,
                                and methods. Many functions that we
                                support for backwards compatibility only
                                are now found in the Help file. Also,
                                lengthy language program examples now
                                appear only in the Help file.

Windows-Style Help    X    X    Standard Edition Help includes all
                                interface, language, how-to topics, and
                                error messages, and lists commands
                                and functions by category. Professional
                                Edition Help includes additional Help
                                topics for Client-Server applications,
                                creating Help files, application
                                distribution, API library construction, OLE
                                controls, and Professional Edition tools,
                                samples, and wizards.

.DBF-Style Help            X    Includes all interface and language
                                reference topics and most other topics
                                available in Windows-style help, except
                                "how to" topics.

Win32API Help File         X    Professional Edition CD-ROM version only.

Autodemo                   X    Professional Edition VFP3.0b CD-ROM version

Sample Files, Tools, and Learning Aids

File                STD   PRO   Description
CONTROLS.APP         X     X    Allows you to look at examples of object-
                                oriented code and then run them to see how
                                the resulting objects work. Shows examples
                                of new controls available, such as timers,
                                grids, tabbed dialogs, and so on, and it
                                demonstrates how to use familiar objects in
                                the new OOP methodology.

TASTRADE.APP         X     X    A realistic integrated business
                                application. The Behind the Scenes option
                                (accessible from the menu or toolbar) lets
                                you see the code and find out how a
                                particular feature was implemented, while
                                the Case Study provides a summary of the
                                design and implementation methodology used.

Sample Client-Server       X    Provides an example of an application
                                updating remote data through a grid on a
                                form, refreshing remote data on demand, and
                                handlng errors. Run Main.prg in the
                                \Samples\Csapp subdirectory to connect to
                                the SQL Server sample database "Pubs" by
                                selecting from a list of ODBC data sources
                                installed on your system, and use a simple
                                library application.

Professional Edition       X    Includes the BUILDAPP program, the Class
Tools and Samples               Browser, the Image Editor, and an OLE
                                Controls sample.

Documentation Set Topic Guide

Moving from FoxPro 2.x or Other Products:

For information about         Refer to
What's new in 3.0?            Search for "Overview of Visual FoxPro
                              Features" in the Help menu.

Differences between           Search for "Differences Between FoxPro 2.6
2.6 and 3.0                   and Visual FoxPro" in the Help menu.

Converting 2.x applications   Search for "Converting from FoxPro 2.6" in
to Visual FoxPro              the Help menu.

Upgrading to Visual FoxPro    Search for "Switching from dBASE" in
from dBASE                    the Help menu.

Basics of objects & classes   Developer's Guide:
                                 Chapter 3 - Object-Oriented Programming.
                                 Chapter 9 - Creating Forms.
                                 Chapter 10 - Designing Classes.
                                 Chapter 11 - Using Controls.

Object-oriented code samples  Run from the Samples directory.

Importing files from other    Search for "Importing Data" in the Help menu.

Professional Features

For information about         Refer to

Client-server and upsizing    CSAPP - run Main.prg in the Csapp directory
applications                  Part 1 of Professional Features Guide
                              (Chapters 1 through 4).

Distributing an application   Professional Features Guide, Chapters
                              9 and 10.

Creating libraries, and       Professional Features Guide, Chapters 11
using the Visual FoxPro API   and 12.

Creating a Help system        Professional Features Guide, Chapter 5
                              through Chapter 8.

Product Tools and Features

For information about         Refer to
Basic interactive use of the  User's Guide, Chapter 2, "Up and
product                       Running."

Queries and Query Designer    User's Guide, Chapter 6.

Views and View Designer       User's Guide, Chapter 7; Developer's Guide,
                              Chapter 8.

Reports and Labels            User's Guide, Chapter 9.

Forms                         User's Guide, Chapter 10; Developer's Guide,
                              Chapter 9.

Menus                         Developer's Guide, Chapter 12.

General Topics

For information about         Refer to
Database Design               Developer's Guide, Chapter 6.

Tables and Table structure    Developer's Guide, Chapter 7.

Designing Classes             Developer's Guide, Chapter 10.

Using Controls                Developer's Guide, Chapter 11.

Optimizing Performance        Developer's Guide, Chapter 17.

OLE and OLE Automation        Developer's Guide, Chapter 18.

Multiuser Applications        Developer's Guide, Chapter 19.

International issues          Developer's Guide, Chapter 20.

System Capacities             Search for "system capacities" in Help.

File Structures               Search for "file structures" in Help.


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