XCLN: Err Msg: Form You Selected Could Not be Displayed

기술 자료 번역 기술 자료 번역
기술 자료: 141339 - 이 문서가 적용되는 제품 보기.
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You may get the following error message when you try to compose or read a Microsoft Exchange Electronic Forms Designer form:
The form you selected could not be displayed. There is not enough disk space to copy the form to your computer. Close some forms to increase the maximum space for forms using the option command on the tools menu. [80040119]


The problem can be caused by insufficient temporary storage space allocated for the form. The default size permitted is 1024 kilobytes (KB). Therefore, electronic forms larger than approximately 1 megabyte (MB), the temporary storage size, will have to be increased.

해결 방법

To increase the temporary storage space for forms in the Microsoft Exchange client, select Tools, Options, Exchange Server page, and increase the Temporary storage for forms field.


기술 자료: 141339 - 마지막 검토: 2014년 2월 4일 화요일 - 수정: 3.3
본 문서의 정보는 다음의 제품에 적용됩니다.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 Standard Edition
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