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                       Imaging for Windows 95
                          Version 01.00.00

Imaging is a new Windows 95 accessory that allows users to create,
annotate, view and print TIFF, BMP and Microsoft Fax (AWD) image
documents. Users can also view and print JPEG and PCX/DCX images with
this application. It is built using several OCXs (also included with
this kit) that can be used by developers to build custom imaging

This README file includes information about the following topics:
    1 - Installation
    2 - TWAIN Support
    3 - Functional Considerations
    4 - Additional Considerations About This Release

1 - Installation

Before installing Imaging, it is highly recommended that you close all
open applications that are visible on your Windows 95 taskbar to avoid
installation conflicts.

To install Imaging:

1. Locate the "SETUP.EXE" file in the directory where you unzipped the
   Imaging files and double-click.
2. Select OK on the Imaging Setup dialog to install the Imaging
   components. Do not check the TWAIN 1.6 box until you read section 2

When the installation is complete, select "Imaging" from the Program >
Accessories menu to run your Imaging application.

To Uninstall Imaging:

1.  Select "Add/Remove Programs" from the Control Panel.
2.  Select the "Windows Setup" tab.
3.  Select Accessories.
4.  Select the "Details" button.
5.  Scroll down to Imaging.  UNCHECK the selection to uninstall
6.  Scroll down to TWAIN 1.6.  UNCHECK the selection to uninstall
    TWAIN 1.6 if it is checked.
7.  Select the "OK" button.
8.  Select the "Apply" button on the "Windows Setup" tab

The following on-line resources provide more information about how to
use Imaging:

* Sample Visual Basic Program - The WINDOWS\WANGSAMP directory contains
  a Visual Basic program that illustrates the use of the OCX controls.
* Application On-Line Help - The file WANGIMG.HLP in the WINDOWS\HELP
  directory provides on-line help for the application. You can access
  Help via Help ->Help Topics when you run the application.
* Programming Help - The file WANGOCXD.HLP in the WINDOWS\HELP
  directory provides on-line help for the OCX controls as well as
  information on imaging concepts. A third Help file that you might
  notice in the Help directory, WANGOCX.HLP, provides help for dialog
  box fields and is not intended for browsing.

2 - TWAIN Support

If this is your first time installing Imaging and you plan to use
scanning, you must install TWAIN Version 1.6 in order for your
scanner to work correctly with Imaging. The TWAIN Version 1.6 files
are included with your Imaging kit and can be installed by also
checking the TWAIN 1.6 option box during installation. Please note
that TWAIN support files are used by many scanning applications and
different applications do not always support the same versions of
TWAIN. To retrieve newer versions of TWAIN files and related support
information (TWAIN SPEC, TWAIN.FAQ) you should look in the following

CompuServe:  Go HPPERIPH, TWAIN Directory
Internet:    WWW.TWAIN.ORG
Your scanner manufacturer
The TWAIN Working Group at:
   Inside the U.S.:              1-800-722-0379
   Outside the U.S. and Canada:  (208) 344-4809
   (This is a fax back system that faxes the TWAIN Toolkit order form,
   Document Number 3130)

Note: Imaging installs 4 TWAIN related files (twain.dll,
twain_32.dll, twunk_16.exe, twunk_32.exe) to your Windows System
directory. If TWAIN 1.6 is selected for removal, it will delete only
the TWAIN files that were placed there during the TWAIN 1.6 install.
It will not remove any temporary files that were created during TWAIN
processing. It will also not replace any TWAIN files that might have
been overwritten during the installation process.

3 - Functional Considerations

Supported Platforms

* This version of Imaging runs on the retail version of Windows 95.
* This version will not work correctly on Windows NT.

Microsoft Fax (AWD) Support

* Only Microsoft Fax documents (AWD files) created with the retail
  version of Windows 95 are supported.
* If you run the Microsoft Fax Viewer from Explorer, it will reset
  your registry associations for AWD files to point to the
  Microsoft Fax Viewer. Imaging will no longer be called to view
  faxes once this happens unless you reinstall.

Scanner Support

In addition to installing TWAIN 1.6 scanner support (see section 2
above), you must also install the correct data sources for your
scanner hardware. Scanner vendors will be certifying their scanners
with Imaging on an on-going basis. Look for updates in Wang's forum
on Compuserve.

The following Hewlett-Packard TWAIN compatible scanners have been

Data Source:  DeskScan 2.2 or later
Scanners:     ScanJet 2p
              ScanJet 3c
              ScanJet 4c (Requires DeskScan 2.3 data source)
              ScanJet 2cx
Data Source:  PictureScan 1.01 or later
Scanners:     ScanJet 2p
              ScanJet 3p

The following Fujitsu TWAIN compatible scanners have been certified:

Data Source:  Fujitsu TWAIN Drivers Version 2.51 or later
Scanners:  ScanPartner 10C
           ScanPartner Jr.

The following Epson TWAIN compatible scanners have been certified:

Data Source:  Epson Scanner Utility Program for Microsoft Windows,
              1.3E or later
Scanners:  US model names   European/Asia Model names
              ES-300C               GT-6000
              ES-600C               GT-6500
              ES-800C               GT-8000
              ES-1000C              GT-8500
              ES-1200C              GT-9000
              Action Scanner II     GT-5000

Note: Epson uses different model names for U.S. and European/Asia but
the scanners are essentially the same. U.S. includes Canada and South

4 - Additional Considerations About This Release


* When viewing READ ONLY files, Imaging opens in VIEW MODE which
  does not allow editing functions such as cut, paste or annotations.

* If you annotate a page in an AWD or BMP file, the annotation(s)
  will be rendered without prompting.  When exiting the file, you
  will have the opportunity to save the file with the rendered

OLE Controls Development Environment

If you have existing VB projects containing previous releases of
Imaging Controls, you may have to perform the following:

1. Remove all Imaging Controls from each form (noting the name for the
2. Remove all Imaging Controls from the project through the VB Custom
   Control menu.
3. Re-insert the custom controls for the project through the VB Custom
   Controls menu.
4. Re-draw the controls on each form that previously contained Imaging
   Controls using the previous name. Keeping the names identical will
   maintain code written for the control.

Known Scanning Problems

* HP PictureScan: If the mouse cursor is moved across the progress
  dialog while a scan is in progress, a GPF results. This problem
  has been resolved in a later release of HP PictureScan software
  available from the following sources:

HP Peripherals Forum on Compuserve:   GO HPPER for driver updates,
                                      application notes and press
HP Customer Support (U.S. and Canada) (208) 323-2551
   Outside the U.S. and Canada        (208) 344-4809
Internet Address             or

* HP DeskScan data source: There is a known problem related to the HP
  DeskScan data source which does not save settings selected in SETUP
  for a scan session. To work around this, adhere to the following
  1. Select the desired values through SETUP, except
     brightness, contrast, hightlight, shadow, X scale and Y scale
  2. Exit the SETUP dialog using the FINAL button
  3. Re-enter SETUP
  4. Select the desired values for brightness, contrast, highlight,
     shadow, X scale and Y scale
  5. Exit the SETUP dialog using the CLOSE button
  6. Select SCAN from the Imaging dialog box

* HP PictureScan data source: If you modify the selection rectangle
  available in the PictureScan data source, it will be a permanently
  defined rectangle with the dimensions and offset selected.

* If you scan an image to a 4-bit palletized BMP file, the file
  output type will be a Black and White file using Modified Huffman


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  • Microsoft Windows 95
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