Windows NT Server 4.0,终端服务器版中的 bug 的列表

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这篇文章是文章编号,最新 Windows NT Server 4.0,终端服务器版服务程序包中修复的 bug 的列表。Service pack 具有累积性。这意味着在服务包中修复的 bug 也固定的后续的服务包中。

有关获取最新的 service pack,Windows NT 4.0 和终端服务器版,请参阅 Microsoft 知识库中下面的文章:
152734如何获取最新的 Windows NT 4.0 服务包


Service 4 Pack

对于 Windows NT Server 4.0,终端服务器版的 Service Pack 4 包括在 Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 中修复的 bug。有关更多的信息,请参阅下面的文章或 Microsoft 知识库中相应的文章:
150734在 Windows NT 4.0 和终端服务器版服务 Pack4 修复的 bug 的列表 (第 1 部分)
194834在 Windows NT 4.0 和终端服务器版 Service Pack 4 (第 2 部分) 固定的 bug 的列表
224793在 Windows NT 4.0 和终端服务器版 Service Pack 4 (第 3 部分) 固定的 bug 的列表
除了这些修补程序的 Windows NT Server 4.0,Service Pack 4 终端服务器版还包括:

223492 - Registry Size Increases After Installing Outlook Express 5
221346 - Stop 0x0000007f Exception Handling Problem in Termdd.sys
219540 - Terminal Server Will Disconnect Users When Connected Remotely
219538 - DLL Registration Causes Access Violation on Terminal Server
218473 - Restricting Changes to Base System Objects
217063 - Terminal Server Hangs and Does Not Allow Network Connections
217010 - Terminal Server May Be Unable to Start 16-bit DCOM Server216538 - STOP 0x0000000A in NTOSKRNL at 801453ea
216254 - User Global Object Mistakenly Created as System Global Object
215475 - Slow Performance with GSNW on Terminal Server
215358 - GetWindowsDirectory May Return Incorrect Data
214627 - Saving an Office Document May Fail Across a Share Point
214500 - App. Compatibility Flag Registry Setting Not Read Correctly
214488 - Registry Flag fUseDefaultGina Does Not Work
214452 - STOP 0x1E in Win32k.sys When Running Solomon v2.06 (Accounting)
214441 - Access Violation in Spoolss.exe on Windows NT Terminal Server
214440 - Terminal Server STOP 0xA When Remote Clients Log Off
198540 - Terminal Server Users Receive Event Log Error 1000 Logging On
196666 - Users Can See Administrator Auto-Created Client Printers in Apps
195934 - Incorrect Permissions Applied to Terminal Server Home Folders
195887 - Shortcuts Created Under Terminal Server 4.0 Resolve to UNC Paths
195733 - Denial of Service in Applications Using RPC over Named Pipes
195612 - Local Named Object Is Mistakenly Created in Global Name Space
195333 - Terminal Server Error 0x0a on SMP Computer
195319 - Inherit User Config Option Does Not Work for Modem Callback
194830 - Unicode Character Display Problem in Full-Screen MS-DOS Session
194812 - All Users See All Other Users' Auto-Created Printers
193233 - Rpcss.exe Consumes 100% CPU Due to RPC Spoofing Attack
192267 - Various STOP Errors When Opening Files on Novell NetWare Servers
192164 - Home Directories Are Created with Incorrect Permissions
190288 - SecHole Lets Non-administrative Users Gain Debug Level Access
180648 - Windows NT 4.0 Traps with a Stop 0x24 or Stop 0xA
180163 - INI/CFG Files Corruption w/ Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server
177653 - CRT Conflict with Getservbyname
175687 - Win32k.sys Causes STOP 0x0000001e and 0x0000000a on SMP
175667 - Error Message: Copy Profile Error
174465 - Bad SAP Packet Causes Stop 0x0000000A in Afd.sys
171307 - How to Disable SAP Broadcast for RPC Service
169742 - Semaphore Timeout Error When UseWriteBehind Disabled for Redir
158682 - Shortcuts Created Under Windows NT 4.0 Resolve to UNC Paths
154694 - New Policy Available to Hide Go To on Tools Menu
153105 - New Policy Available to Hide View Options Menu Item


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  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4
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