T?p tr? gip Microsoft Office 2000 t? ?ng ha c s?n t?i cc trung tm t?i v?

D?ch tiu ? D?ch tiu ?
ID c?a bi: 260410 - Xem s?n ph?m m bi ny p d?ng vo.
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Auto2000.exe t?p bao g?m tr? gip t? ?ng ha Microsoft Office 2000 t?p ?c t?o ra b?i Microsoft h? tr? k? thu?t. T?p tr? gip ny ch?a T? ?ng ha l? thuy?t v c nhi?u v d? m cho b?n th?y lm th? no ? t? ?ng ho cc s?n ph?m Office 2000 (Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office Binder v ? th? Microsoft).

Cc t?p tin sau y c s?n ? t?i v? t? Microsoft Download Center:
Cc t?p tin Auto2000.exe ch?a cc t?p tin sau y:
   Auto2000.chm   The Microsoft Office Automation 2000 Help file.
   Readme.txt     A text file with information & installation instructions. 
? c thm thng tin v? lm th? no ? t?i cc t?p tin h? tr? c?a Microsoft, b?m s? bi vi?t sau ? xem bi vi?t trong c s? ki?n th?c Microsoft:
119591 Lm th? no ? c ?c Microsoft h? tr? t?p tin t? cc d?ch v? tr?c tuy?n
Microsoft a quet vi-rut cho tp nay. Microsoft a s dung phn mm do tim vi-rut mi nht hin co vao ngay tp c ng. Cc t?p tin ?c lu tr? trn tng c?ng b?o m?t my ch? c th? gip ph?ng ng?a b?t k? thay ?i khng ?c php ? cc t?p tin.

Thu?c tnh

ID c?a bi: 260410 - L?n xem xt sau cng: 17 Thang Chin 2011 - Xem xt l?i: 3.0
p d?ng
  • Microsoft Access 2000 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Excel 2000 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Project 2000 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Word 2000 Standard Edition
T? kha:
kbautomation kbdownload kbinfo kbmt KB260410 KbMtvi
My d?ch
QUAN TRONG: Bi vi?t ny ?c d?ch b?ng ph?n m?m d?ch my c?a Microsoft ch? khng ph?i do con ng?i d?ch. Microsoft cung c?p cc bi vi?t do con ng?i d?ch v c? cc bi vi?t do my d?ch ? b?n c th? truy c?p vo t?t c? cc bi vi?t trong C s? Ki?n th?c c?a chng ti b?ng ngn ng? c?a b?n. Tuy nhin, bi vi?t do my d?ch khng ph?i lc no c?ng hon h?o. Lo?i bi vi?t ny c th? ch?a cc sai st v? t? v?ng, c php ho?c ng? php, gi?ng nh m?t ng?i n?c ngoi c th? m?c sai st khi ni ngn ng? c?a b?n. Microsoft khng ch?u trch nhi?m v? b?t k? s? thi?u chnh xc, sai st ho?c thi?t h?i no do vi?c d?ch sai n?i dung ho?c do ho?t ?ng s? d?ng c?a khch hng gy ra. Microsoft c?ng th?ng xuyn c?p nh?t ph?n m?m d?ch my ny.
Nh?p chu?t vo y ? xem b?n ti?ng Anh c?a bi vi?t ny:260410

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