Danh sch cc tr?nh i?u khi?n m thanh v tr? chi c?ng ?c bao g?m trong Windows XP

D?ch tiu ? D?ch tiu ?
ID c?a bi: 295318 - Xem s?n ph?m m bi ny p d?ng vo.
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Bi ny li?t k cc tr?nh i?u khi?n m thanh v c?ng tr? chi tr?nh i?u khi?n ?c bao g?m trong Microsoft Windows XP.


ALi Labs WDM Audio Driver

Aureal 8810
Aureal 8820
Aureal 8830

Aztech Systems
  2320 Compatible (WDM)
  Game Port for Aztech
  Microsoft MPU-401 Audio Driver
  Reserved Device

CH Technologies
  Game Port for CH Products Gamecard 3

CirrusLogic 4281
CirrusLogic 46xx/4280
CirrusLogic ISA

Conexant RipTide

Creative Technology
  SB Live
  Sound Blaster 16 or AWE32 or compatible (WDM)
  Game Port for Creative

Crystal Semiconductor
  Crystal WDM Audio Codec
  Crystal WDM Audio Control Registers
  Crystal WDM Game Port
  Crystal WDM MPU-401 compatible

Ensoniq 1370
Ensoniq 1371/1373

ESS Technology
  ESS Maestro 2E (ES1978)
  ESS Maestro3 (ES1980)
  ESS PCI AudioDrive (Solo1)
  ES1688 AudioDrive (WDM)
  ES1688 Plug and Play AudioDrive (WDM)
  ES1788 AudioDrive (WDM)
  ES1788 Plug and Play AudioDrive (WDM)
  ES1868 Control Interface (WDM)
  ES1869 Plug and Play AudioDrive (WDM)
  ES1878 Control Interface (WDM)
  ES1879 Plug and Play AudioDrive (WDM)
  ES1887 AudioDrive (WDM)
  ES1887 Plug and Play AudioDrive (WDM)
  ES1888 AudioDrive (WDM)
  ES1888 Plug and Play AudioDrive (WDM)
  ES688 AudioDrive (WDM)
  ES688 Plug and Play AudioDrive (WDM)
  Game Port for ESS

  ThinkPad Modem wave Device

Intel ICH

MediaVision, Inc.
  Game port for MediaVision

  MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device

NeoMagic Corporation
  Standard Game Port

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.
  SiS 7018 Audio Driver

  Game Port for ThrustMaster ACM (first port)
  Game Port for ThrustMaster ACM (second port)

VIA Technologies, Inc.
  VIA AC'97 Audio Controller (WDM)

  Game Port for Yamaha
  YAMAHA OPL3-SAx Reserved

USB Audio Driver

1394 Driver

Thu?c tnh

ID c?a bi: 295318 - L?n xem xt sau cng: 25 Thang Tam 2011 - Xem xt l?i: 3.0
p d?ng
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
T? kha:
kbdriver kbenv kbhardware kbinfo kbsound kbmt KB295318 KbMtvi
My d?ch
QUAN TRONG: Bi vi?t ny ?c d?ch b?ng ph?n m?m d?ch my c?a Microsoft ch? khng ph?i do con ng?i d?ch. Microsoft cung c?p cc bi vi?t do con ng?i d?ch v c? cc bi vi?t do my d?ch ? b?n c th? truy c?p vo t?t c? cc bi vi?t trong C s? Ki?n th?c c?a chng ti b?ng ngn ng? c?a b?n. Tuy nhin, bi vi?t do my d?ch khng ph?i lc no c?ng hon h?o. Lo?i bi vi?t ny c th? ch?a cc sai st v? t? v?ng, c php ho?c ng? php, gi?ng nh m?t ng?i n?c ngoi c th? m?c sai st khi ni ngn ng? c?a b?n. Microsoft khng ch?u trch nhi?m v? b?t k? s? thi?u chnh xc, sai st ho?c thi?t h?i no do vi?c d?ch sai n?i dung ho?c do ho?t ?ng s? d?ng c?a khch hng gy ra. Microsoft c?ng th?ng xuyn c?p nh?t ph?n m?m d?ch my ny.
Nh?p chu?t vo y ? xem b?n ti?ng Anh c?a bi vi?t ny:295318

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