C php v cc ty ch?n cho vi?c s? d?ng cc ti?n ch Ipconfig ch?n on cho k?t n?i m?ng

D?ch tiu ? D?ch tiu ?
ID c?a bi: 314850 - Xem s?n ph?m m bi ny p d?ng vo.
? c m?t phin b?n Microsoft Windows 2000 c?a bi vi?t ny, xem 117662.
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Bi vi?t ny s? cho bi?t lm th? no ? ch?y cc ti?n ch Ipconfig v danh sch cc ty ch?n m b?n c th? s? d?ng.

Ipconfig.exe ?c bao g?m v?i Windows XP. Ti?n ch ny cung c?p cho b?n thng tin ch?n on v? c?u h?nh m?ng TCP/IP. Ipconfig c?ng ch?p nh?n cc Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) l?nh, cho php m?t h? th?ng ? c?p nh?t ho?c pht hnh c?u h?nh m?ng TCP/IP.


? ch?y ti?n ch Ipconfig.exe, v?i m?t d?u nh?c l?nh, g? ipconfig, v sau thm b?t c? ty ch?n thch h?p.

ipconfig [/? | / all | / lm m?i b? i?u h?p | / Release b? i?u h?p | / flushdns | /displaydns | /registerdns | b? i?u h?p /showclassid | b? i?u h?p /setclassid classid
Tn k?t n?i b? i?u h?p c th? s? d?ng k? t? ?i di?n (* v?).

   /?             Displays this help message

   /all           Displays full configuration information

   /release       Releases the IP address for the specified adapter

   /renew         Renews the IP address for the specified adapter

   /flushdns      Purges the DNS Resolver cache

   /registerdns   Refreshes all DHCP leases and reregisters DNS names

   /displaydns    Displays the contents of the DNS Resolver Cache

   /showclassid   Displays all the DHCP ClassIds allowed for the specified adapter

   /setclassid    Modifies the DHCP ClassId
M?c ?nh (v?i khng c tham s? ?c ch? ra) l ? hi?n th? ch? cc IP ?a ch?, m?t n? m?ng con v c?ng m?c ?nh cho m?i v? l rng bu?c ? TCP/IP.

Cho / t?t c?Ipconfig hi?n th? t?t c? cc gi tr? c?u h?nh TCP/IP hi?n t?i, bao g?m c? cc IP ?a ch?, m?t n? m?ng con, c?ng m?c ?nh v c?u h?nh Windows Internet ?t tn d?ch v? (th?ng) v DNS.

Cho / Release v / lm m?i, n?u khng c tn b? i?u h?p l quy ?nh, cho thu ?a ch? IP cho t?t c? cc b? i?u h?p m?ng b? rng bu?c ? TCP/IP pht hnh ho?c gia h?n.

Cho /setclassid, n?u ClassId khng ?c ch? ?nh, ClassId ?c l?y ra.

V D?
   ipconfig                   Show information

   ipconfig /all              Show detailed information

   ipconfig /renew            Renew all adapters

   ipconfig /renew EL*        Renew any connection whose name starts EL 

   ipconfig /release *Con*    Release all matching connections, for example, "Local Area Connection 1" or "Local Area Connection2"

Lu ? r?ng/Release v /Renew ty ch?n c th? ?c s? d?ng ch? khi h? th?ng ?c c?u h?nh v?i d?ch v? DHCP.

Thu?c tnh

ID c?a bi: 314850 - L?n xem xt sau cng: 27 Thang Tam 2011 - Xem xt l?i: 2.0
p d?ng
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
T? kha:
kbinfo kbnetwork kbmt KB314850 KbMtvi
My d?ch
QUAN TRONG: Bi vi?t ny ?c d?ch b?ng ph?n m?m d?ch my c?a Microsoft ch? khng ph?i do con ng?i d?ch. Microsoft cung c?p cc bi vi?t do con ng?i d?ch v c? cc bi vi?t do my d?ch ? b?n c th? truy c?p vo t?t c? cc bi vi?t trong C s? Ki?n th?c c?a chng ti b?ng ngn ng? c?a b?n. Tuy nhin, bi vi?t do my d?ch khng ph?i lc no c?ng hon h?o. Lo?i bi vi?t ny c th? ch?a cc sai st v? t? v?ng, c php ho?c ng? php, gi?ng nh m?t ng?i n?c ngoi c th? m?c sai st khi ni ngn ng? c?a b?n. Microsoft khng ch?u trch nhi?m v? b?t k? s? thi?u chnh xc, sai st ho?c thi?t h?i no do vi?c d?ch sai n?i dung ho?c do ho?t ?ng s? d?ng c?a khch hng gy ra. Microsoft c?ng th?ng xuyn c?p nh?t ph?n m?m d?ch my ny.
Nh?p chu?t vo y ? xem b?n ti?ng Anh c?a bi vi?t ny:314850

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