XL2000:Office 2000 Service Pack 3 在 Excel 2000 中修复的问题

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Microsoft 已经发布了 Office 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP-3)。本文说明此 Service Pack 在 Excel 2000 中修复的问题。

有关如何下载和安装 Office 2000 Service Pack (SP-3) 的其他信息,请单击下面的文章编号,以查看 Microsoft 知识库中相应的文章:
326585 OFF2000:Office 2000 Service Pack 3 概述


Office 2000 SP-3 修复的 Excel 2000 问题

此 Service Pack 修复了以下 Microsoft 知识库文章中描述的问题:
276257 OFF2000:List of Issues Fixed in Office 2000 Service Pack 2
306604 XL2000:Excel 2000 SR-1 Macro Modification Security Update
324126 XL2000:Overview of Excel 2000 SR-1 Update:June 19, 2002
248207 XL2000:Linked Files with Lookup Functions Updated Much More Slowly Than in Earlier Versions of Excel
268079 XL2000:OLAP Data in Excel PivotTable Is Incorrect
272189 XL2000:JPN:Nested Group Objects in Excel 95 Workbook Are Displayed in Different Location
279248 XL2000:JPN:VBA Macro Causes Run-Time Error 1004 If AutoComplete Uses IME
279673 XL2000:JPN:Excel Quits Unexpectedly If You Delete Data in Cell
280825 XL2000:Excel Quits Unexpectedly When You Use WorkbookBeforePrint Event
283090 XL2000:JPN:Zoomed Cells Are Not Displayed Correctly If You Freeze Panes on Outline Group
283838 XL2000:Cannot Expand PivotTable If Data Is Not Saved with Table
290570 XL2000:Embedded Charts in PowerPoint Exhibit Odd Behavior After Being Edited
276603 XL2000:KOR:Excel Quits Unexpectedly When You Use Replace Command with Long Formulas or Strings
289629 XL2000:"An Unexpected Error Has Occurred" When You Update Links from Web Browser
303809 XL2000:Drawing Objects on Charts Move After You Save and Reopen
304442 FIX:Excel 2000 May Fault in MSO9.DLL When Calling an XLL Function that Takes an Array
305694 XL2000:ALT+TAB Does Not Trigger Workbook_WindowActivate Event
278679 OFF2000:"This Workbook (Document) Has Been Password Protected" When You Open Workbook or Document
305949 XL2000:CPU Usage Spikes at 100 Percent When Excel Is Running in the Background
297883 XL2000:You Can See Other Users' Printers in a Terminal Server Session
307609 XL2000:Borders of AutoShape on Embedded Excel Chart Change Thickness When Printed
307809 XL:Excel Stops Responding When You Drag an Item in the PivotTable Layout Wizard
309671 XL2000:SR-1 Stops Responding When You Open a File After an Incomplete Save
291110 XL2000:Cannot Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Select Ranges in RefEdit Control
311749 XL2000:Combo Box Control on a Worksheet Returns to Its Original Value After Refresh
316399 XL2000:错误信息No RETURN() or HALT() Function Found on Macro Sheet
316479 XL2000:Contents of PivotTable Disappear When Data Is Updated in a Different Language Version of Excel
317782 XL2000:"Error -2147417848" Occurs When Data Fields Are Added to a PivotTable from VBA
317850 XL2000:Excel Stops Responding When You Run VBA Macro Code That Displays a User Form
318063 XL2000:Cannot Set the Orientation Property of a Pivot Field
320520 XL2000:Excel Quits Unexpectedly When You Switch Between Tab Strip and Chart on Worksheet
321244 XL2000:Drawings in Files That Are Created in Versions of Excel Before Excel 97 Are Not Displayed Correctly
323785 XL2000:Processor Spikes at 100 Percent When You Click AutoFilter Arrow
324312 XL2000:You Cannot Reopen a File After You Save It
320262 XL2000:VBA Error on Macro Startup if You Open Multiple Excel Instances with RefEdit Control
324391 Excel 2000:Excel Quits When GetPivotData Function Is in Second Workbook

Office 2000 SP-3 修复的其他问题

本节中讨论的问题也是由 Office 2000 SP-3 修复的。



Eurotool 加载项不支持希腊德拉克马

Eurotool 加载项不支持希腊德拉克马。

在 Excel 函数向导中选择“帮助”时无法访问有关 EuroConvert() 函数

的帮助,EuroConvert () 函数没有按预期那样提供帮助。

如果使用了错误的 XML,WebChart 控件可能会导致缓冲区溢出

如果使用了错误的 XML,WebChart 控件可能会导致缓冲区溢出。

用户名多于 10 个字符时 Excel 停止响应

如果用户名多于 10 个字符,Excel 可能会在工作表之间切换时停止响应。

在 Microsoft Internet Explorer 中访问 Excel 文件时收到错误信息

在 Internet Explorer 中打开 Excel 文档时,如果该文档的路径多于 256 个字符并且使用前进导航按钮和后退导航按钮,您将收到以下错误信息:
Unexpected File in Use

当对数据透视表操作运行 Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 脚本时,可能会收到宏错误

当运行某个创建和格式化一系列数据透视表的 VBA 脚本时,可能会收到宏错误。


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