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The following computers, video displays, printers, pointing devices, keyboards, and networks have been certified for use with Microsoft Windows 3.0. This list was current at the time Windows was shipped (May 22, 1990). Additional systems may have been certified subsequent to publication and device drivers may be available for peripherals not listed below. To obtain information regarding either instance, please call the Microsoft Windows information number at (425) 637-7098.

Items tagged with an asterisk (*) require special handling during the Windows installation process. When installing the Windows environment on an item with an asterisk, the Setup program presents a description of your hardware configuration. At this phase in the setup process, press F1 to access the online help system to receive information on how to proceed.


Below is the list of equipment certified for use with the Microsoft Windows version 3.0 graphical environment.


Any computer 100-percent compatible with the following:
3Com 3Station
Acer 1100/20
Acer 1100/25
Acer 1100/25E
Acer 1100/33
Acer 1100LX
Acer 1100SX
Acer 1116SX
Acer 1120SX
Acer 1170
Acer 1200/25
Acer 915 PII
Acer 915 VII
Acer S25/M35
ADD-X Systems320SX
AGI 33/8
AGI 386/25
ALR FlexCache  33/386
ALR PowerFlex 386SX
Amstrad PC2286
Amstrad PC2386
Apricot Qi
Apricot XEN-S
AST Bravo/286
AST Bravo/386
AST Bravo/386SX
AST Premium 286
AST Premium 386/25
AST Premium 386/33
AST Premium 386SX
AST Premium 386C
AST Premium 486/25
AST Premium 486/33
AT&T 6386 WGS
AT&T 6386/25
AT&T 6386/SX
AT&T 6386/SX WGS
AT&T 6386E/33
AT&T  PC386/20
AT&T PC6310
Atari ABC386SX
Atari PC4X
Atari PC5
Austin Computer Systems 386SX
Brother BC5386/25
Brother BC5386SX
Bull Micral 200
Bull Micral 400
Bull Micral 45
Bull Micral 500
Bull Micral 600
Bull Micral 65
Bull Micral 75
Commodore PC 40-III
Commodore PC 60-III
COMPAQ Deskpro 286e
COMPAQ Deskpro 286N
COMPAQ Deskpro 386
COMPAQ Deskpro 386N
COMPAQ Deskpro 386/20
COMPAQ Deskpro 386/20e
COMPAQ Deskpro 386s
COMPAQ Deskpro 386s/20
COMPAQ Deskpro 386/25
COMPAQ Deskpro 386/25e
COMPAQ Deskpro 386/33
COMPAQ Deskpro 386/33L
COMPAQ Deskpro 486/25
COMPAQ Deskpro 486/33L
COMPAQ Deskpro 386/25M
COMPAQ Deskpro 486S/25M
COMPAQ Deskpro 486S/16M
COMPAQ Deskpro 486/33M
COMPAQ LTE 386s/20
COMPAQ Portable II
COMPAQ Portable 386
COMPAQ SLT 386s/20
COMPAQ Systempro
CompuAdd Model 212
CompuAdd Model 216
CompuAdd Model 220
CompuAdd Model 316
CompuAdd Model 316s
CompuAdd Model 320
CompuAdd Model 320s
CompuAdd Model 325
CompuAdd Model 333
CompuAdd Model 425
Cumulus GLC DX-25
Cumulus GLC DX-33
Cumulus GLC SX-16
Daewoo Telecopy DLT/386s
Daewoo Telecopy DPC/286
Daewoo Telecopy DPC/286se
Daewoo Telecopy DPC/386-20
Daewoo Telecopy DPC/386-25
Daewoo Telecopy DPC/386s
Daewoo Telecopy DPS/386s
DECStation 210
DECStation 212
DECStation 212LP
DECStation 316
DECStation 316+
DECStation 316sx
DECStation 320
DECStation 320+
DECStation 320sx
DECStation 325c
DECStation 333c
DECStation 350
DECStation 425c
Dell 320LT
Dell 325D
Dell 325P
Dell 333D
Dell 425TE
Dell 433TE
Dell System 210
Dell System 310
Dell System 316
Dell System 316LT
Dell System 316SX
Dell System 320LX
Dell System 325
Dell System 425E
Dell System 433E
Digital Data 286/12
Digital Data 386/25
DTK Keen 2530
DTK Keen-3304
DTK Peer 1660
DTK Peer-1630
DTK Peer-2030
DynaBook/286 Portable Desktop Computer
D&S 386/25 M3
Emerson ET200
Epson Equity 286 Plus
Epson Equity 386SX
Epson Equity 386SX/20 Plus
Epson Equity 386/SX Plus
Epson Equity 386/20
Epson Equity 386/25
Epson Equity 386/25 Plus
Epson Equity LT 386SX
Epson NB3s
Everex 3000A
Everex AGI 386/20sx
Everex AGI 386/25
Everex AGI 386/33
Everex AGI 486/25
Everex Step 286/16
Everex Step 386/16
Everex Step 386/20
*  Everex Step 386/25
Everex Step 386/33
Everex Step 386cx
Everex Step 486/25
Everex Step 486/33
Everex Tempo 386/20
Everex Tempo 386/25
Everex Tempo LX
Future Tech AT 386/16SX
Future Tech AT 386/20SX
Future Tech AT 386/25C
Future Tech AT 386/33C
Future Tech AT 486/25C
Future Tech AT 486/25C EISA
Future Tech AT 486/33C EISA
Gateway 386/16
Gateway 386/20
Gateway 386/25
Gateway 386/25 Cache
Gateway 386/33 ASIC
GoldStar GS-210
GoldStar GS-215
GoldStar GS-217
GoldStar GS-230
GoldStar GS-286
GoldStar GS-300
GoldStar GS-320
GoldStar GS-325
GoldStar GS-330
GoldStar GS-386
Goupil Golf-286
Goupil G5/286
Goupil G5-SX
GRiD 1720
GRiD 386isx-20
GRiD 386isx-20C
GRiD 386sx-MFP20
GRiD 486ei-25/SVR
GRiD 486ei-33
GRiD 1810
GRiD 286-mfp
GRiD 286is
GRiD 386is
GRiD 386is-16
GRiD 386is-1630
GRiD 386is-20
GRiD 386is-25
GRiD 386is-33
GRiD 386isx
GRiD 386mc
GRiD 386sx-mfp
GRiDCase 1520
GRiDCASE 1550sx
HeadStart Technologies Head Start III
Hewlett-Packard (HP)  Vectra 486
HP Vectra A+
HP Vectra ES/12
HP Vectra LS/12
HP Vectra QS/16
HP Vectra QS/16S
HP Vectra QS/20
HP Vectra RS/20C
HP Vectra RS/25C
Hyundai Super-286e
Hyundai Super-386s
Hyundai Super 386D
IBM PS/2 Model 30 286
IBM PS/2 Model 50
IBM PS/2 Model 50Z
IBM PS/2 Model 55SX
IBM PS/2 Model 60
IBM PS/2 Model 65SX
IBM PS/2 Model 70 386
IBM PS/2 Model 70 486
IBM PS/2 Model 75
IBM PS/2 Model 80 386
IBM PS/2 Model P70 386
IBM PS/2 Model 90
IBM PS/2 Model 95
IBM PS/2 Model L40SX
Intel Microcomputer 386
ITOS 286/12-40
ITOS 386SX/16-40
Leading Edge Model D2/LPS
Leading Edge Model D3/20
Leading Edge Model D3/25
Leading Edge Model D3/MC
Leading Edge Model D3/SX
Leading Tech 5000AT
Leading Tech 6800SX
Leading Tech 7000DX
Leading Tech 286/12 MX
Magnavox Maxstation 386 SX-20
Magnavox Magnum 386 SX-20
Magnavox Professional 386 SX-20
Magnavox Headstart SX-20
Magnavox Headstart 286
Magnavox Maxstation 286
Magnavox Magnum 286
Magnavox Professional 286
Magnavox Headstart SX
Magnavox Maxstation SX
Magnavox Magnum 386 SX-16
Magnavox Professional SX-16
Magnavox Professional 486SX
Magnavox Headstart 486SX
Magnavox Maxstation 486SX
Magnavox Professional 486/20 XP
Magnavox Headstart 486/20 XP
Magnavox Maxstation 486/20 XP
Memorex Telex 7022
Memorex Telex 7025
Memorex Telex 7035
Memorex Telex 7055
Memorex Telex 7065F
Memorex Telex 7255
Memorex Telex 7270
Memorex Telex 7290
Memorex Telex Intelligent System 7045-16
Memorex Telex Intelligent System 7075
Micro Express ME 386DX-3300
Mintek PCB-306
MiTAC Desktop Mi316s
Mitsubishi MP386
Mitsubishi MP386S
Model American 386/25
*  NCR PC925
*  NCR PC386SX
NEC PowerMate 286 Plus
NEC PowerMate 386/20
NEC PowerMate 386/25
NEC PowerMate 386/25S
NEC PowerMate 386/33E
NEC PowerMate 486/25E
NEC PowerMate SX
*  NEC PowerMate SX Plus
NEC PowerMate SX Portable
NEC PowerMate SX/20
*  NEC ProSpeed 386
Nokia Data DT226
Nokia Data DT336SX
Nokia Data DT346
Nokia DS 338
Nokia DS 348
Nokia DS 448
Nokia DT 216
Nokia DT 326
Nokia DT 336
Normerel ATC 12
Normerel ATC 16
Normerel ATC 386
Normerel ATM 386
Normerel NS 70
Northgate Slimline 386/20
Northgate Elegance 386/20
Northgate Elegance 386/25
Northgate Elegance 386/33
Northgate 486/25 EISA
Northgate 386/33/8
Northgate 486/33/16
Northgate 386/25 Slimcache
Northgate 486/25/8
Northgate 386/33 Slimcache
Ogivar System 386
Olivetti CP486
Olivetti M28
Olivetti M211V
Olivetti M300
Olivetti M300-05
Olivetti M380
Olivetti M386/25
Olivetti M486
Olivetti P500
Olivetti P800
Olivetti PCS 286
Olivetti PCS 386SX
Olivetti XP4
Olivetti XP7
Olivetti XP9
Osborne 386/25
Osborne 486/25
Packard Bell Force 386SX
Panasonic CF 270HD
Panasonic FX 1800+
Panasonic FX 1850HD
Panasonic FX 1900HD
Panasonic FX 1925S+
Panasonic FX 1925S/HD
Panasonic FX 1950HD
Panasonic FX 2020/HD
Peacock 386SX
Peacock 386/33
Peacock 486/33 EISA
Peacock 486/25
Philips P2120
Philips P2230
Philips P3105
Philips P3120
Philips P3202
Philips P3204
Philips P3230
Philips P3238
Philips P3302
Philips P3345
Philips P3348SX
Philips P3349
Philips P3355 SX-20
Philips P3355 SX-20C
Philips P3361
Philips P3371
Philips P3464
Research Machines Nimbus AX-286
Samsung SD-700
Samsung SD-820
Schneider 386 25-60
Schneider Euro AT
Schneider VGA AT System 40
Schneider VGA AT System 70
Siemens Nixdorf PCD 2B
Siemens Nixdorf PCD-3M
Siemens Nixdorf PCD-3Msx
Siemens Nixdorf PCD-3T
Siemens Nixdorf PCD-4M
Siemens Nixdorf PCD-4T
Siemens Nixdorf PCD-2M
Siemens Nixdorf PCD-3TS
Siemens Nixdorf PCM-3Dsx
Siemens Nixdorf PCM-4T
Siemens Nixdorf PWS M30
Siemens Nixdorf 8810/30
SMT Goupil GS-386-DX-25
SMT Goupil GS-386-SX-16
SMT Goupil GS-386-SX-20
SMT Goupil GS-486
SMT Goupil GSo-486
Tandem PSX/300A
Tandem PSX/300P
Tandem PSX/300Q
Tandem PSX/300S
Tandem PSX/300V
Tandon 286/N
Tandon 386/20
Tandon 386/33
Tandon 386/N
Tandon 486/25 Desktop
Tandon 486/25 Tower
Tandon 486/33 Desktop
Tandon 486/33 Tower
Tandon LT/286
Tandon LT/386
Tandon PAC 286
Tandon PAC 286 Plus
Tandon PAC 286/12
Tandon PAC 386SX
Tandon PCA
Tandon PCA +
Tandon PCA 12
Tandon PCA 12/SL
Tandon Targa
Tandon Targa Plus
Tandon Targa sx
Tandon Targa/12
Tandy 2500 XL
Tandy 2500 XL/2
Tandy 2800 HD
Tandy 2810 HD
Tandy 3000 NL
Tandy 4000
Tandy 4000 LX
Tandy 4000 SX
Tandy 4016 DX
Tandy 4016 SX
Tandy 4020 LX
Tandy 4020 SX
Tandy 4025 LX
Tandy 4033 LX
Tandy 5000 MC
Terran T30
Texas Instruments TravelMate 3000 WinSX
*  Toshiba T1600 Portable
Toshiba T3100SX Portable
Toshiba T3200 Portable
Toshiba T3200SX Portable
Toshiba T5100/100 Portable
Toshiba T5200 Portable
Trigem TG-286+D
Trigem TG-286+S
Trigem TG-286E
Trigem TG-286M
Trigem TG-286V
Trigem TG-386SX
Trigem TG-386XE
Trigem TG-486XE
Trigem TG-SX386M
Trigem TG-SX386MC
Triumph Adler M 211V
Triumph Adler PCS 286
Triumph Adler PCS 386SX
Tulip AT 386/25
Tulip AT 386SX
Tulip AT Compact 3
Tulip SX Compact 2
Tulip TR 386/25
Tulip TR 386SX
Tulip TR 486
Twinhead NetStation
Twinhead SuperNote-SX
Twinhead Superset 490
Twinhead Superset 590
Twinhead Superset 600
Unisys PW2 300/10
Unisys PW2 3163
Unisys PW2 500/16A
Unisys PW2 500/20
Unisys PW2 800/16
Unisys PW2 800/16-2
Unisys PW2 800/20
Unisys PW2 800/20C
Unisys PW2 800/25
Unisys PW2 800/33
Unisys PW2 800/486-25A
Unisys PW2 LWS/286
Victor V286C
Victor V286D
Victor V286M
Victor V386DSX
Victor V386M
Victor V386MX
Wang MC 350/16S
Wang PC 250/16
Wang PC 280
Wang PC 280/20
Wang PC 350/16S
Wang PC 350/33C
Wang PC 380/25C
Wang PC 380/33C
Wang PC 381
Wang PC 382
Wang PC 480/25
Wyse WY-3116SX
Wyse WY-3225
Zenith SuperSport 286e
Zenith SuperSport SX
Zenith Z-248/12
Zenith Z-286 LP
*  Zenith Z-386/16
*  Zenith Z-386/20
*  Zenith Z-386/25
*  Zenith Z-386/33
*  Zenith Z-386/33E
*  Zenith Z-386/SX


Any display 100-percent compatible with the following:
CGA (color graphics adapter)
EGA (enhanced graphics adapter) with high-resolution color display (or
VGA (video graphics array), color and  monochrome
IBM 8514/a High-Resolution Display
IBM MCGA (multi-color graphics array)
Hercules with high-resolution monochrome display
Olivetti/AT&T monochrome or PVC display
Olivetti OEC color display or AT&T VDC750
COMPAQ Portable 386 Plasma Display
Video Seven VGA


Any printer 100-percent compatible with the following:
Agfa 9000 Series PS
Agfa Compugraphic 400PS
Agfa Compugraphic Genics
Apple LaserWriter
Apple LaserWriter II NT/NTX
Apple LaserWriter Plus
Apricot Laser
AST TurboLaser/PS-R4081
AT&T 435
AT&T 470/475
AT&T 473/478
C-Itoh 8510
Canon LBP-8II
Canon LBP-8III/LPB-4
Dataproducts LZR-2665
Digital LN03R ScriptPrinter
Digital LPS PrintServer 40
Epson DFX-5000
Epson EPL-6000
Epson EX-800/1000
Epson FX-100
Epson FX-100+
Epson FX-185/286
Epson FX-80
Epson FX-80+
Epson FX-85
Epson FX-86e/286e
Epson FX-850/1050
Epson GQ-3500
Epson JX-80
Epson L-750/1000
Epson LQ-500/510
Epson LQ-800/1000
Epson LQ-850/950/1050
Epson LQ-1500
Epson LQ-2500/2550
Epson LX-80
Epson LX-86
Epson LX-800/810
Epson MX-100
Epson MX-80/80F/T
Epson RX-100
Epson RX-80/80F/T
Epson SQ-2500
Epson T-750
Epson T-1000
Fujitsu DL 2400
Fujitsu DL 2600
Fujitsu DL 3300
Fujitsu DL 3400
Fujitsu DL 5600
Fujitsu DX 2200
Fujitsu DX 2300
Fujitsu DX 2400
Fujitsu DX 3100
Hermes 820
HP 7470A
HP 7475A
HP 7550A
HP 7580A
HP 7580B
HP 7585A
HP 7585B
HP 7586B
HP ColorPro
HP DeskJet
HP DeskJet Plus
HP DraftPro
HP DraftPro DXL
HP DraftPro EXL
HP DraftMaster I
HP DraftMaster II
HP LaserJet
HP LaserJet IID
HP LaserJet IIP
HP LaserJet III
HP LaserJet Plus
HP LaserJet 500+
HP LaserJet Series II
HP LaserJet 2000
HP PaintJet
HP PaintJet XL
HP ThinkJet
IBM Color Printer
IBM Graphics
IBM Laser Printer 4019
IBM Personal Page Printer
IBM Personal Page Printer II-030
IBM Personal Page Printer II-031
IBM Proprinter
IBM Proprinter II
IBM Proprinter III
IBM Proprinter X24
IBM Proprinter X24e
IBM Proprinter XL
IBM Proprinter XL II
IBM Proprinter XL24
IBM Proprinter XL24e
IBM QuietWriter III
Kyocera F-Series
Linotronic 100/300/500
NEC Colormate PS
NEC PinWriter CP6
NEC PinWriter CP7
NEC PinWriter P5
NEC PinWriter P5XL
NEC PinWriter P6
NEC PinWriter P7
NEC PinWriter P9XL
NEC PinWriter P2200
NEC PinWriter P5200
NEC PinWriter P5300
NEC Silentwriter LC 860
NEC Silentwriter LC 890
NEC Silentwriter LC 890XL
Okidata 92/93-IBM
Okidata ML 192
Okidata ML 193
Okidata ML 320
Okidata ML 321
Okidata ML 192-IBM
Okidata ML 193-IBM
Okidata ML 320-IBM
Okidata ML 321-IBM
Okidata 390/391
Okidata 393
Okidata 393C
Okidata LaserLine 6
Olivetti DM 100/1
Olivetti DM 100/2
Olivetti DM 100/4
Olivetti DM 105
Olivetti DM 250
Olivetti DM 280/282
Olivetti DM 286/296
Olivetti DM 290/292
Olivetti DM 400
Olivetti DM 580
Olivetti DM 590
Olivetti DM 600
Olivetti ETV 5000
Olivetti PG 108
Olivetti PG 208
Olivetti PG 303
Olivetti PG 308 HS
Olivetti PR 15B/17B
Olivetti PR 19B
Olivetti PR 24
Olivetti TH 760
QMS ColorScript 100
QMS-PS 800
QMS-PS 800 Plus
QMS-PS 810
QuadLaser I
Tandy LP-1000
Tegra Genesis
TI 850/855
TI OmniLaser 2108
TI OmniLaser 2115
Toshiba P351
Toshiba P1351
Toshiba PageLaser12
Varityper VT-600
Wang LCS15
Wang LCS15 FontPlus
Wang LDP8


Any network 100-percent compatible with the following:
3Com 3+Share
3Com 3+Open LAN Manager
Banyan Vines 4.0
Microsoft Networks (MS-NET)
* Microsoft LAN Manager version 1.00
Microsoft LAN Manager version 2.00
Novell NetWare 2.10 or later
Novell NetWare 386

Pointing Devices

Any mouse 100-percent compatible with the following:
HP mouse
IBM PS/2 mouse
Logitech mouse
Microsoft Mouse
Mouse Systems mouse on COM1
Mouse Systems mouse on COM2
Olivetti mouse
Olivetti/AT&T keyboard mouse


Any keyboard 100-percent compatible with the following:
Standard keyboards
Hewlett-Packard keyboards
Olivetti keyboards


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