FIX: You Cannot Connect to Some HTTPS Protocol Web Sites

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When you try to connect to a Web site that uses the HTTPS protocol, you receive the following error message, and you cannot access the Web site:
An error occurred in the secure channel support.


Hotfix Information

A supported hotfix is now available from Microsoft as Windows CE Specify the OS version Core OS QFE Specify the QFE number. To resolve this problem immediately, search for the keyword "QFE" on the following Microsoft Web site:


This fix is supported only when all previously issued fixes for this product have also been installed.

Restart Requirement

After you apply this update, you must perform a clean operation and then rebuild the platform. You do not have to restart your computer after you apply this fix.

Hotfix Replacement Information

This fix does not replace any other fixes.

File Information

The English version of this package has the file attributes (or later) that are listed in the following table.
   Date         Time   Version            Size    File name
   19-Nov-2003  22:41      1,055,280  Wincepb30-031119-kb820371-arm720.exe  
   19-Nov-2003  22:43      1,129,008  Wincepb30-031119-kb820371-ppc403.exe
   19-Nov-2003  22:43      1,129,008  Wincepb30-031119-kb820371-ppc821.exe
   19-Nov-2003  22:42      1,092,144  Wincepb30-031119-kb820371-r3000.exe
   19-Nov-2003  22:42      1,092,144  Wincepb30-031119-kb820371-r4100.exe
   19-Nov-2003  22:41      1,026,608  Wincepb30-031119-kb820371-r4111.exe
   19-Nov-2003  22:42      1,092,144  Wincepb30-031119-kb820371-r4300.exe
   19-Nov-2003  22:41      1,051,184  Wincepb30-031119-kb820371-sa1100.exe
   19-Nov-2003  22:43      1,092,144  Wincepb30-031119-kb820371-sh3.exe
   19-Nov-2003  22:43      1,092,144  Wincepb30-031119-kb820371-sh4.exe
   19-Nov-2003  22:42      1,067,568  Wincepb30-031119-kb820371-thumb.exe  
   19-Nov-2003  22:41        993,840  Wincepb30-031119-kb820371-x86.exe
The English version of this hotfix has the file attributes (or later) that are listed in the following table. The dates and times for these files are listed in coordinated universal time (UTC). When you view the file information, it is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time tool in Control Panel.
   Date         Time                      Size    File name

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\ARM\ARM720\CE\Debug
   07-Nov-2003  19:30                    556,474  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:31                    556,264  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\ARM\ARM720\CE\Retail
   07-Nov-2003  19:30                    454,344  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:30                    454,160  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\ARM\SA1100\CE\Debug
   07-Nov-2003  19:23                    555,706  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:23                    555,496  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\ARM\SA1100\CE\Retail
   07-Nov-2003  19:22                    453,582  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:23                    453,398  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\MIPS\R3000\CE\Debug
   07-Nov-2003  19:25                    606,898  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:26                    605,774  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\MIPS\R3000\CE\Retail
   07-Nov-2003  19:25                    516,882  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:25                    515,678  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\MIPS\R4100\CE\Debug
   07-Nov-2003  19:26                    607,666  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:26                    606,542  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\MIPS\R4100\CE\Retail
   07-Nov-2003  19:26                    516,502  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:26                    515,280  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\MIPS\R4111\CE\Debug
   07-Nov-2003  19:27                    531,832  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:27                    531,654  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\MIPS\R4111\CE\Retail
   07-Nov-2003  19:27                    419,824  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:27                    419,666  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\MIPS\R4300\CE\Debug
   07-Nov-2003  19:28                    606,898  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:28                    605,774  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\MIPS\R4300\CE\Retail
   07-Nov-2003  19:28                    516,576  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:28                    515,354  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\PPC\PPC403\CE\Debug
   07-Nov-2003  19:29                    584,254  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:29                    584,026  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\PPC\PPC403\CE\Retail
   07-Nov-2003  19:28                    470,494  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:29                    470,316  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\PPC\PPC821\CE\Debug
   07-Nov-2003  19:29                    584,254  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:30                    584,026  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\PPC\PPC821\CE\Retail
   07-Nov-2003  19:29                    470,494  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:30                    470,316  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\SHx\SH3\CE\Debug
   07-Nov-2003  19:23                    559,130  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:24                    558,664  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\SHx\SH3\CE\Retail
   07-Nov-2003  19:23                    467,646  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:24                    467,244  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\SHx\SH4\CE\Debug
   07-Nov-2003  19:24                    558,740  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:25                    558,272  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\SHx\SH4\CE\Retail
   07-Nov-2003  19:24                    467,012  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:25                    466,608  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\THUMB\ARM720\CE\Debug
   07-Nov-2003  19:31                    555,332  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:31                    555,006  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\THUMB\ARM720\CE\Retail
   07-Nov-2003  19:31                    465,320  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:31                    465,112  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\X86\I486\CE\Debug
   07-Nov-2003  19:22                    517,030  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:22                    516,560  Spbaseu.lib

   Path: Public\Common\Oak\Lib\X86\I486\CE\Retail
   07-Nov-2003  19:22                    415,788  Spbase.lib
   07-Nov-2003  19:22                    415,562  Spbaseu.lib


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section of this article.


This bug is known to affect connections that use Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 with Secure Hash Algorithm.For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
824684 Description of the Standard Terminology That Is Used to Describe Microsoft Software Updates


Article ID: 820371 - Last Review: August 18, 2005 - Revision: 1.3
  • Microsoft Encarta Reference Suite 2001
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