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I'm trying to use the Process Server (DPS) from my application but I'm having trouble using the coProcess object found in the Dynamics.dic. What is the method to use it?

First, we need to create the coProcess record. This will show up in the process window.

{make sure Process ID is unique-this one is hardcoded}
set 'Process ID' of table coProcess to 4228;
set 'DPS Series' of table coProcess to 8;
set 'Remote' of table coProcess to true;
{Name in Process Monitor & Process window}
set 'Begin Group Process Name' of table coProcess to "3rd party post: Post SOP";
set 'Deletable' of table coProcess to true;
{this is the server name - could leave it empty and make user set in Processes window}
set 'Service Name' of table coProcess to "XFILES";

save table coProcess;

{----Here is the useage and call to the remote process--}

local coProcessInfo ProcessInfo;
local long lGroupID;
local DestID lDestID;

call GetProcessInfo of form coProcessObj,

lGroupID = 7662;


ProcessInfo:'Begin Group Process Name' with
load factor ProcessInfo:'Load Factor'
using service ProcessInfo:'Service Name'
with priority ProcessInfo:Priority
queue at ProcessInfo:'Queue Time' on ProcessInfo:'Queue Date'
notify ProcessInfo:'Script Name'
deletable ProcessInfo:Deletable
groupdone ProcessInfo:ServerNotifyScriptName
assign to lGroupID;
call DefaultDpsSetup of form coProcessObj;

call remote Process_My_Batch,
'Batch Source',
'Batch Number',

endgroup lGroupID;

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