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Microsoft Handheld Synchronization
Read Me
July 2003
? Microsoft Corporation, 2003.  All rights reserved.

This document provides late-breaking or other information that is relevant to Microsoft 
Handheld Synchronization, and is current as of the date above. After that date, you may 
find more current information and resources on the Microsoft Mactopia Web site at 


1  Introduction

2  Installation
     2.1 System Requirements
     2.2 Installing Handheld Synchronization
     2.3 Troubleshooting

3  Setting up Handheld Synchronization
     3.1 Select Synchronization Options
     3.2 Synchronize Data

4  How the Entourage Conduit Handles Data Differences
     4.1 Categories
     4.2 Entourage Address Book and Palm Address List
     4.3 Entourage Calendar and Palm Date Book
     4.4 Entourage Tasks and Palm To Do List
     4.5 Entourage Notes and Palm Memo Pad

5  Known Issues
     5.1  Events in Different Time Zones Might Not Synchronize Correctly
     5.2  HotSync Manager Prevents Switching Identities
     5.3  Entourage 2001 "Sync this contact" Flag Is Ignored
     5.4  Synchronizing with Both Palm Desktop and Entourage Creates Duplicate Records
     5.5  Disable Other Conduits Before Using the Entourage Conduit
     5.6  Handheld Synchronization Will Not Work with Some Handhelds 
     5.7  Contacts in Japanese Format Are Not Supported

6  Files Included in Handheld Synchronization

1  Introduction
If you own a Palm handheld, you can synchronize, or transfer, items between Microsoft 
Entourage and your handheld. When you synchronize, Entourage copies the contacts, tasks, 
notes, and calendar events to and from your handheld. For information about using Microsoft 
Handheld Synchronization, visit the Microsoft 
Mactopia Web site http://www.microsoft.com/mac/entourage/palm/.

2  Installation

2.1 System Requirements
Before you can install Microsoft Handheld Synchronization for Entourage X, Microsoft 
Office v. X, Service Release 1 must be installed on your computer.

Operating system: Mac OS X version 10.1 or later.
Memory: 128 MB of RAM.
Programs: A handheld with Palm OS 3.x or later and Palm Desktop software version 4.0 or later.

2.2 Installing Handheld Synchronization
1. Before you install the update, close all Office programs, including Office Notifications, 
and disable any virus-protection programs.
2. Double-click the Handheld Sync Installer on your hard disk to begin the installation.
3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

-	When you install Handheld Synchronization, a Disabled Conduits folder is automatically 
	created in the /Library/Application Support/Palm HotSync folder on your hard disk. 
	The Address, Datebook, Memo, and ToDo Palm conduits are automatically disabled and 
	placed in this new Disabled Conduits folder. 
-	To restore the Palm conduits, drag them from the Disabled Conduits folder to the Conduits 
	folder, and then drag the Entourage Conduit from the Conduits folder to the Disabled 
	Conduits folder. 

2.3 Troubleshooting
If you have trouble installing the update, check the following:
-	Quit any programs that are running, including virus-protection programs and any Office 
	programs, because they might interfere with installation, restart your computer, and 
	try the update again.
-	Make sure the user account you use to log on to your computer is an administrator account. 
	For more information about administrator accounts, see Mac Help.
-	Make sure Aladdin Systems StuffIt Expander version 6 or later is installed on your computer. 
	If an earlier version of StuffIt Expander is installed on your computer, you might not 
	be able to install this download. 
-	Make sure you have downloaded the correct language version of the installer for your 
	copy of Office.

3 Setting up Handheld Synchronization
Before you synchronize items between Entourage and your handheld, you can set synchronization 
options for the conduit.

3.1 Select Synchronization Options
When you use the Entourage conduit to synchronize, you can specify how to synchronize, 
whether you want to synchronize handheld records marked private, and which Address Book, 
Calendar, and Tasks settings you want to use.
1.	Start HotSync Manager. 
2.	On the HotSync menu, click Conduit Settings.
3.	In the list of conduits, double-click Entourage Conduit. 
4.	Select the options you want. 

3.2 Synchronize Data
After you have completed the steps in the Installing handheld synchronization section, 
and you have selected synchronization options, you're ready to synchronize.
1.	Connect the cradle to the computer. 
2.	Place the handheld in the cradle, and then press the HotSync button. 

4  How the Entourage Conduit Handles Data Differences
In some cases, Entourage handles data differently than the handheld. In addition to 
differences in terminology, the two programs do not always store the same information in the 
same way. Click the links below to learn how the differences might affect how your data 
is synchronized:

4.1 Categories
You can use Entourage categories to filter records in the Address Book, Calendar, and Tasks 
lists when you synchronize with the handheld. By using categories to filter records, you can 
limit the amount of data passing between Entourage and the handheld, which will save time when 
you synchronize and will also save memory on your handheld. Although you can assign both Entourage 
items and Palm records to categories, some of your Entourage category information might not be copied 
to the handheld when you synchronize. Keep in mind that Entourage and handhelds differ in 
the following ways:
-	Handheld categories that you create or modify are transferred to Entourage when you 
	synchronize. However, only Entourage categories that are used in records that you synchronize 
	are transferred to the handheld. 
-	You can create an unlimited number of categories in Entourage but just fifteen categories per 
	application in the handheld. 
-	Entourage categories can contain an unlimited number of characters, but handheld categories are 
	limited to fifteen characters. 
-	You can assign an Entourage item to more than one category but a handheld record to only one 
	category at a time. An item that you have assigned to more than one category in Entourage is 
	assigned to its primary or default category when it is transferred to the handheld. 
-	You cannot assign Palm Date Book records to categories.
To be sure that your information is synchronized correctly, create and modify categories on the 
handheld before you synchronize. That way, the same set of categories will be available on both 
the handheld and in Entourage. For more information about categories, see Entourage Help. 

Using categories to select which Entourage information to synchronize 
The Entourage conduit provides several options for using categories to filter records for 
-	Synchronize all [records]  Use this option to synchronize all of the records in all 
-	Synchronize [records] in category  Use this option to synchronize only the records 
	in the specified category. 
-	Synchronize [records] not in category  Use this option to synchronize all of the records 
	except those in the specified category. 

-	If you create a new record on the handheld and use categories when you synchronize with 
	Entourage, the new record will appear in Entourage under both the category you set for the 
	synchronization, and the category you assigned when you created the record. The category you 
	assigned on the handheld will be the default category when you synchronize with Entourage. 
-	When you select Synchronize contacts not in category to filter records from Entourage to 
	synchronize to the handheld, any records that do not meet the specified criteria will be removed 
	from the handheld. 

4.2 Entourage Address Book and Palm Address List
When you synchronize Address Books, Entourage matches the corresponding fields in the 
two programs, even if the fields are named differently. For example, the Entourage field 
"Job Title" is synchronized with the handheld field "Title." 
The Entourage Address Book can store more contact information than the handheld Address List. 
For example, each Entourage contact contains ten custom fields, whereas each handheld contact 
contains only four. 
Although you can't synchronize all of the Address Book information that Entourage can store, 
you can decide which information is the most important to you and then specify and synchronize only 
that data. 
By using the HotSync Manager, you can specify the following: 
-	Whether to synchronize the Work or Home contact address. The handheld  can store only one 
	address per contact, but Entourage can store both. 
-	Which Entourage custom fields to synchronize with the custom fields on the handheld. 
-	Whether to rename the custom fields on the handheld with the names that you assigned to 
	Entourage custom fields. 

Specifying which contact information to synchronize 
Before you change the Address Book settings, it's a good idea to synchronize Entourage and your handheld. 
The first time you synchronize after you change the settings, the Entourage conduit automatically changes 
the synchronization method so that your Entourage contact information overwrites your handheld records. 
If you do not synchronize first, changes you have made to your handheld records might be lost. 

4.3 Entourage Calendar and Palm Date Book 
Not all of the information in Entourage calendar events can be transferred to the 
handheld when you synchronize. For example, the location of a calendar event, travel time, 
and the event's category do not transfer. Also, because the handheld does not support 
iCalendar, information about invitees is not synchronized.
Recurring calendar events in Entourage synchronize correctly with repeating records in 
Palm Date Book. However, if you change one occurrence of a recurring calendar event, that 
occurrence is treated as a separate record on the handheld; it is unconnected to the other 
occurrences. For example, if an Entourage calendar event occurs every Wednesday and you change 
one occurrence to Thursday, the Thursday event will transfer correctly to the handheld, but it 
will no longer be part of the series. Only the first occurrence of multi-day events in Entourage 
is synchronized with the handheld. To make multi-day events appear correctly on the handheld, you 
can create a separate event for each day of the multi-day event in Entourage.

4.4 Entourage Tasks and Palm To Do List 
When you synchronize Entourage tasks with records on the handheld's To Do List of the handheld computer, 
all of the data is transferred except the following: 
-	The Palm To Do list does not include reminders, so Entourage task reminders are not transferred. 
-	Priority information synchronizes correctly, but the two programs use different terminology. 
	Handheld priorities range from 1 to 5, and Entourage priorities range from highest to lowest. 

4.5 Entourage Notes and Palm Memo Pad
Entourage notes are synchronized to the Palm Memo Pad. An Entourage note can be as large 
as you want, but handheld memos cannot be larger than 4 KB. If you synchronize an Entourage 
note that is larger than 4 KB, the text appears truncated on the handheld. Also, Entourage 
notes are stored in HTML format and handheld memos are in plain text format. When you synchronize 
an Entourage note, it is converted to plain text and special formatting such as bold, underlines, 
and font choices, is lost. However, certain paragraph formatting, including bullets and numbered 
lists, is preserved.

5  Known Issues

5.1  Events in Different Time Zones Might Not Synchronize Correctly
If the time zone set in System Preferences on your computer is different than the default 
time zone set in Entourage, an event created in Entourage will reflect the difference when it 
appears in the calendar, but not in the event itself. If you create the event on the handheld, 
the event item time itself will be adjust to the time zone set in Entourage rather than the 
view of the item in the calendar

5.2  HotSync Manager Prevents Switching Identities
If you try to switch identities in Entourage while you are running HotSync Manager, 
you will receive an error message stating that another Office application is open. You must 
quit HotSync Manager before you switch identities.

5.3  Entourage 2001 "Sync this contact" Flag Is Ignored
Entourage X does not have the "Sync this contact" setting for contacts. If you are 
upgrading from Entourage 2001, this setting is ignored. With Handheld Synchronization for 
Entourage X you can use categories to filter records for synchronization.

5.4  Synchronizing with Both Palm Desktop and Entourage Creates Duplicate Records
If you synchronize your handheld with both Palm Desktop and Entourage on the same computer, 
duplicate records will be created.

5.5  Disable Other Conduits Before Using the Entourage Conduit
If you are using a different conduit to synchronize your handheld with Entourage, you 
should move the conduit to the Disabled Conduits folder before you use the Entourage Conduit.

5.6  Handheld Synchronization Will Not Work with Some Handhelds
Palm Desktop 4.0 is required for Handheld Synchronization to work properly. If your 
handheld does not support Palm Desktop 4.0, Handheld Synchronization with Entourage will not 
work. Check with your handheld manufacturer for information about support for Palm 
Desktop 4.0 and Mac OS X.

5.7  Contacts in Japanese Format Are Not Supported
Handheld Synchronization does not support synchronizing contacts in Japanese format. 
Japanese characters in contacts will not appear on the handheld after  synchronization with 
Entourage. If you alter or delete the contact on the handheld and then synchronize with 
Entourage, the Japanese characters will no  longer appear in Entourage. To avoid potential loss 
of data, select Entourage overwrites handheld" on the Address Book pop-up menu in the 
Entourage Conduit  settings dialog box. This does not affect the Japanese version of Handheld 

6  Files Included in Handheld Synchronization
Handheld Synchronization installs the files listed below. After Handheld Synchronization has 
been installed, you can check the Handheld Sync Installer Log file to make sure that the files 
have been installed correctly. The Handheld Sync Installer Log file is located at the root 
of your hard drive.

Handheld Sync Read Me.html
Microsoft Entourage Conduit
Microsoft Synchronization


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