????? ?????: ??? SDK Windows 3.1 1 (????? 3.5-????)

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???? ???????: 87114 - ??? ???????? ???? ????? ????? ??? ???????.
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?????? ?? ????? ?????? ?????? Microsoft Windows ????? ?????? ??????? (SDK) ??????? 3.1:

????? 1

   INSTALL.EXE    Setup program
   INSTALL.INF    Information file for Setup program
   README.SDK     SDK information not in online help
   ROBUST.TXT     Information about creating robust applications
   WINDOWS.TXT    Lists changes to WINDOWS.H since Windows 3.0
   WINDOWSX.TXT   Information on message crackers, WINDOWSX.H file
   README.WRI     SDK information not in online help
   VPROD.386      Virtual machine device driver
   HOOK.DLL       Hook DLL
   DDESPY.EXE     Displays DDE messages between applications
   HEAPWALK.EXE   Heap Walker application
   SHOWHITS.EXE   Displays data from Windows Profiler
   SPY.EXE        Displays messages between applications
   STRESS.EXE     Resource limiting utility
   STRESS.HLP     Resource limiting utility help file
   STRESS.INI     Resource limiting utility initialization file
   COMPRESS.EXE   File compression utility
   MARK.EXE       Marks files with memory and font info
   GDI.SYM        GDI nondebugging symbol file
   KRNL286.SYM    Kernel 286 nondebugging symbol file
   KRNL386.SYM    Kernel 386 nondebugging symbol file
   MMSYSTEM.SYM   Multimedia nondebugging symbol file
   USER.SYM       Windows user nondebugging symbol file
   VER.DLL        Version checking redistributable DLL
   SMALLF.FON     8514 small font for Windows
   HC.BAT         Help Compiler batch file
   DBWIN.DLL      Debugging DLL
   HC31.ERR       Help Compiler version 3.1 error file
   RCPP.ERR       Resource Compiler preprocessor error file
   DBWIN.EXE      Debugger
   DLGEDIT.EXE    Dialog Editor
   FONTEDIT.EXE   Font Editor
   HC30.EXE       Help Compiler version 3.0
   HC31.EXE       Help Compiler version 3.1
   IMAGEDIT.EXE   Image Editor
   MARKMIDI.EXE   MIDI file marker
   MRBC.EXE       Multiple Resolution Bitmap Compiler
   QH.EXE         Quick Help utility
   RC.EXE         Resource Compiler
   RCPP.EXE       Resource Compiler preprocessor
   SHED.EXE       Segmented Hypergraphics (hotspot) Editor
   ZOOMIN.EXE     Zoom utility
   VGASYS.FNT     VGA font file
   SDKTOOL1.GRP   Temporary group file for setup
   SDKTOOLS.GRP   Windows SDK group file
   DLGEDIT.HLP    Dialog Editor help file
   EDITHLP.HLP    Help on Help file
   IMAGEDIT.HLP   Image Editor help file
   QH.HLP         Quick Help help file
   SHED.HLP       Segmented Hypergraphics Editor help file
   MAKEFILE       SRVRDEMO sample application project file
   DOC.C          SRVRDEMO sample application source file
   FILE.C         SRVRDEMO sample application source file
   INI.REG        Registration initialization file
   WINSTUB.EXE    STUB file for Windows applications

????? 2

   CVW3.EXE       CodeView for Windows version 3.07
   CVW3.HLP       CodeView for Windows 3.07 help file
   CVWIN.DLL      CodeView for Windows DLL
   D2N.BAT        Debugging Windows to nondebugging Windows batch file
   MAPSYM.EXE     Symbol file generator
   N2D.BAT        Nondebugging Windows to debugging Windows batch file
   SWITCH.BAT     Performs debugging-nondebugging conversion
   VCV.386        Video driver for CodeView for Windows
   WDEB386.EXE    Low level debugger
   WINDEBUG.386   Low level debugger device driver
   GDI.EXE        Debugging version of GDI
   GDI.SYM        Symbol table for debugging GDI
   KRNL286.EXE    Debugging version of kernel 286
   KRNL286.SYM    Debugging kernel 286 symbol table
   KRNL386.EXE    Debugging version of kernel 386
   KRNL386.SYM    Debugging kernel 386 symbol table
   MMSYSTEM.DLL   Debugging version of multimedia DLL
   MMSYSTEM.SYM   Debugging multimedia DLL symbols table
   USER.EXE       Debugging version of user
   USER.SYM       Debugging user symbol table
   RAINBOW.C      RAINBOW sample program

????? 3

   STRESS.DLL     Resource limiting DLL
   STRESSHK.DLL   Resource limiting DLL component
   STRESSLG.DLL   Resource limiting DLL component
   CDERR.H        Common dialog box DLL error codes
   CMACROS.INC    Assembly language macros for Windows
   COLORDLG.H     Common dialog box DLL color ID numbers
   COMMDLG.H      Common dialog box DLL header file
   CPL.H          Control Panel DLL extensions
   CUSTCNTL.H     Custom control library header file
   DDE.H          Dynamic data exchange header file
   DDEML.H        Dynamic Data Exchange Management Library header file
   DLGS.H         Common dialog box DLL member ID numbers
   DRIVINIT.H     Obsolete header file
   LZDOS.H        Obsolete header file
   LZEXPAND.H     Data decompression DLL header file
   MMSYSTEM.H     Multimedia header file
   MMSYSTEM.INC   Multimedia header file for assembly language
   OLE.H          Object linking and embedding header file
   PENWIN.H       Pen Windows functions header file
   PENWOEM.H      Pen Windows Recognizer function header file
   PRINT.H        Printing helper functions header file
   SCRNSAVE.H     Screen saver header file
   SHELLAPI.H     Shell DLL header file
   STRESS.H       Resource limiting test DLL header file
   TOOLHELP.H     Tool Helper DLL header file
   TOOLHELP.INC   Tool Helper DLL header file for assembly language
   VER.H          Version checking DLL header file
   WFEXT.H        File Manager extensions header file
   WINDOWS.H      Windows functions header file
   WINDOWSX.H     Message cracker header file
   WINMEM32.H     Windows 32-bit API header file
   COMMDLG.DAN    Common dialogs DLL Danish
   COMMDLG.DLL    Common dialogs DLL US
   COMMDLG.DUT    Common dialogs DLL Dutch
   COMMDLG.FIN    Common dialogs DLL Finnish
   COMMDLG.FRN    Common dialogs DLL French
   COMMDLG.GER    Common dialogs DLL German
   COMMDLG.ITN    Common dialogs DLL Italian
   COMMDLG.NOR    Common dialogs DLL Norwegian
   COMMDLG.POR    Common dialogs DLL Portuguese
   COMMDLG.SPA    Common dialogs DLL Spanish
   COMMDLG.SWE    Common dialogs DLL Swedish
   DDEML.DLL      Dynamic Data Exchange Management Library
   DIB.DRV        Device independent bitmap driver
   EXPAND.EXE     File decompression utility
   LZEXPAND.EXE   Data decompression utility
   MCIPIONR.DRV   Laser disk device driver
   OEMSETUP.INF   Media Control Interface setup information file
   OLECLI.DLL     Object linking and embedding client DLL
   OLESVR.DLL     Object linking and embedding server DLL
   PENWIN.DLL     Windows for Pen Computing DLL
   REGLOAD.EXE    Registration file loader
   SMALLB.FON     VGA small font for Windows
   SMALLE.FON     EGA small font for Windows
   TOOLHELP.DLL   Tool Helper DLL
   VTD.386        Virtual timing device driver
   WINHELP.EXE    Windows Help application
   WINMEM32.DLL   32-bit memory API DLL
   RAINBOW.DLL    Custom control DLL
   MAKEFILE       Sample project file
   COMMDLG.LIB    Common dialog box static Library
   DDEML.LIB      Dynamic Data Exchange Management Library (static)
   LIBENTRY.ASM   DLL entry source code
   LIBENTRY.OBJ   DLL entry object code
   LIBW.LIB       Windows API library
   LZEXPAND.LIB   Data decompression static library
   LZEXPC.LIB     Data decompression library compact model extensions
   LZEXPL.LIB     Data decompression library large model extensions
   LZEXPM.LIB     Data decompression library medium model extensions
   LZEXPS.LIB     Data decompression library small model extensions
   MMSYSTEM.LIB   Multimedia API static library
   OLECLI.LIB     Object linking and embedding client static library
   OLESVR.LIB     Object linking and embedding server static library
   PENWIN.LIB     Windows for Pen Computing static library
   SCRNSAVE.LIB   Screen saver extensions static library
   SHELL.LIB      Shell static library
   STRESS.LIB     Resource limiting DLL static library
   TOOLHELP.LIB   Tool Helper static library
   VER.LIB        Version checking DLL static library
   VERC.LIB       Version checking DLL compact model extension
   VERL.LIB       Version checking DLL large model extension
   VERM.LIB       Version checking DLL medium model extension
   VERS.LIB       Version checking DLL small model extension
   WIN87EM.LIB    Coprocessor library
   WINMEM32.LIB   Windows 32-bit API static library


???? ???????: 87114 - ????? ??? ??????: 12/???? ??????/1435 - ??????: 1.0
????? ???
  • Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit 3.1
????? ??????: 
kbnosurvey kbarchive kbmt kb16bitonly KB87114 KbMtar
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???? ??? ????? ??????? ?????? ??????????87114

????? ???????


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