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Help and support for Windows Phone 7. Links to customer service and technical solutions, help and how-to articles, and answers to top issues.

Windows Phone Help and How-to

Windows Phone Help and how to

New Phone?
We've got all the info for getting around on your phone and making it yours.

Find out how to set up connections, update the phone software, and other basic tasks.

People and Email
Want to send email and text messages? Check Facebook? Find a contact? It's all here.

Learn how to take pictures and share them immediately with your network.

Browsing and Maps
Your new phone gives you access to the world, and a way to navigate through it.

Music + Videos
Keep your music collection in your pocket all the time.

Apps and Games
You'll never be bored again, with a collection of apps and games to keep you (and your kids) busy.

Office Mobile
Microsoft Office Mobile on your phone allows you to view, edit, and share Office files?anywhere, anytime.

Top issues

Windows Phone 7

Why am I asked for an activation code?
Learn what to do when an activation code is required to sign in with a Microsoft account on your Windows Phone 7.

Installing and troubleshooting problems during the software update for Windows Phone 7
Use the online solution wizard or follow these steps to resolve software update problems.

Error message "System update required"
Get this step-by-step solution to resolve this update error message.

Problems during Windows Phone software updates
Use this step-by-step solution to resolve this updating problem.

Import your Outlook contacts to Windows Phone 7
Watch this video or use this step-by-step wizard to sync your contacts to your People hub on your phone.

Import your Outlook calendar into Windows Phone 7
Watch this video or use this step-by-step wizard to sync your contacts into a unified Calendar view.

Windows Phone 7 not detected
Follow these steps to help my computer and/or the Zune software detect your Windows Phone.

Zune for Windows Phone 7

How to manage your Zune Marketplace account for your Windows Phone 7
Learn how to manage your Zune account from your computer.

How to manage Zune Live credit card payment options for your Windows Phone 7
If you use a credit card for Zune purchases, see how to store information about multiple cards online, add and remove cards, update your personal billing information, and select which card you want to use.

Troubleshooting sync issues between the Zune player and software when using the sync cable
Use the online solution wizard to solve these issues, or you can use the manual steps listed in this article.

Troubleshooting steps for Zune sign-in issues
Try these steps to find out why and fix the problem.

What is DRM and protected content on Zune?
Get information about Digital Rights Management (DRM) and protected content in Zune.

Remove and then reinstall the Zune software
Get these steps to see how to uninstall, then reinstall your Zune software.

Change or reset the password for your Microsoft account
Learn how to change or reset the password for your Microsoft accountD.

Ask the community

Ask the community

Windows Phone
Ask a question in the Community forum for Windows Phone.

Ask a question in the Community forum for Zune.

Ask a question in the Xbox support forum.


Developer resources

Windows Phone 7 developer site
Share your creativity with the world with free tools and Windows Phone Marketplace.

Windows Phone 7 webcasts
Tune into and learn the tools and technologies behind Windows Phone 7 development.

Windows Phone 7 on MSDN
Learn the basics, dig deeper into the technology and get the tools you need.

Windows Phone 7 development roadmap
Step by Step Windows Phone 7 developer roadmap for building engaging consumer applications.

Windows Phone 7 developer blog
Get the latest Windows Phone 7 development news from the product group.

Windows Phone 7 training kit for developers
Get a jumpstart into the new Windows Phone 7 world with a step-by-step explanation of the tools to use and some key concepts for programming Windows Phones.

Support options

Self-support options

Ask a question in the Community forum for Windows Phone
Connect with experts, learn from others.

Zune support
Get online help for Zune.

Community forum for Zune
Ask a question in the Community forum for Zune.

Ask a question in the Xbox Support Forum
Connect with the Xbox experts and community.

Assisted support options

Get help from your phone manufacturer or mobile operator
Your phone's manufacturer and your mobile operator are also available to answer specific questions and provide instructions for how to use and troubleshoot your smartphone.

how-to articles - Windows Phone

how-to articles - Windows Phone

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