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Help and support for Microsoft Azure products and services. Links to technical solutions, code samples, support, answers to top cloud issues.

Key resources

Key resources

Microsoft Azure platform product home page
The Microsoft Azure platform offers an intuitive, reliable, and powerful platform for the creation of web applications and services. The Microsoft Azure platform is comprised of:

  • Microsoft Azure: an operating system as a service
  • SQL Azure: a fully relational database in the cloud
  • AppFabric: consumable web-based services that provide both secure connectivity and federated access control for applications

Microsoft Azure platform developer center
The Microsoft Microsoft Azure developer center is the primary resource for developers seeking resources to help you create and manage business communications utilizing Microsoft Azure platform services.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace DataMarket
Learn more about the Microsoft Azure Marketplace - what's new, how to get started and how to create a DataMarket application

Microsoft Azure tools for Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Azure tools for Microsoft Visual Studio extend Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 to enable the creation, configuration, building, debugging, running and packaging of scalable web applications and services on Microsoft Azure. Installation includes the Microsoft Azure SDK.

Microsoft Azure code samples

Microsoft Azure SDK code samples
A number of code samples to help you get started with building scalable web applications and services that run on Microsoft Azure.

WCF Azure samples
Examples on how to host WCF services and Silverlight clients in the Microsoft Azure fabric.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Visit this online marketplace for developers to share, find, buy and sell building block components, training, service templates and more needed to build Microsoft Azure platform applications.

Get started

Microsoft Virtual Academy
Improve your IT skill set and help advance your career with a free, easy to access training portal.

Microsoft Azure Platform Training Kit
Download the Microsoft Azure platform training kit and get a comprehensive set of technical content to help you learn how to use Microsoft Azure, SQL Azure and the Microsoft Azure AppFabric.

Channel 9: Cloud Cover – Episode 1
Watch this first episode of Cloud Cover on the Microsoft Azure platform features, latest news and announcements, and sharing tips and tricks.

Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) toolkit for Microsoft Azure platform
Get your cloud migration planning process going with automated discovery and detailed inventory reporting.

Video: Introduction to the Microsoft Azure AppFabric Cache
This short video introduces Microsoft Azure AppFabric Cache service.

Microsoft Azure AppFabric FAQ
Get the FAQs for pricing, access control and caching services.


Microsoft Azure Platform Management Portal
The Microsoft Azure Platform Management Portal provides access to service deployment and management tasks as well as at-a-glance status information that lets you know the overall health of your deployments and accounts.

Microsoft Azure Platform developer resources page
“Getting Started” resources for all Microsoft Azure platform services and technologies, including training, reference, subscription and installation resources.

Microsoft Azure Platform on MSDN
These pages provide an initial introduction to the services and tools used to create applications that are hosted as services on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure capacity assessment
Awareness of these resource policies is important for assessing the capacity for successful operations and also for predicting the operational expenses for planning purposes.

Microsoft Azure platform subscription offers
Provides a list of the available subscription offers, including the “Free trial introductory special”.

Microsoft Partner Network landing page for Microsoft Azure platform
Get training and resources to help you build (Microsoft Partner login required).

Microsoft Azure toolkit for iOS
This toolkit contains resources and services designed to make it easier for iOS developers to use Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure toolkit for Windows Phone 7
This toolkit includes Visual Studio project templates for Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft Azure, class libraries optimized for use on the phone, sample applications, and documentation.

SQL Azure Labs
Access incubations and early preview bits for products and enhancements to SQL Azure.

Patterns and practices

Microsoft Azure guidance
Cloud development center
Microsoft Azure security guidance



Connect to other users and developers through MSDN forums to find answers to your technical questions.

Microsoft Azure Forums
Get help and information on all your Azure products - ask a question in the Microsoft Azure Forums. Most questions answered in 24 hours or less.


Get information and announcements from the engineering and content teams, including release and breaking change information.

Microsoft Azure Platform Blogs
Microsoft Azure Team Blog
SQL Azure Team Blog
Microsoft Azure AppFabric Team Blog
DataMarket Team Blog

Self support options

Self support resources

Service dashboard
Get the current status on the health of the Microsoft Azure platform, subscribe to the respective RSS feeds to receive notifications for interruptions to any of the services.

Guest operating system updates
Subscribe to the RSS feed to receive notifications for guest operating system updates.

Known issues in Microsoft Azure
Review a list of the known issues for Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure platform support
Visit your central source for all Microsoft Azure Platform support related resources.

Microsoft Azure marketplace forums
Visit this forum for Microsoft Azure DataMarket questions and issues.

Microsoft Azure platform frequently asked questions
Provides answers to frequently asked questions across all aspects of the Microsoft Azure Platform, including General topics, Microsoft Azure platform services and features, partnering, and commerce and billing topics.

Developer portals

To help troubleshoot your applications running on the Microsoft Azure platform click one of the links below.

Microsoft Azure developer portal

SQL Azure developer portal

Microsoft AppFabric developer portal

Assisted support options

Assisted support options

Get Microsoft technical support
To contact a Microsoft support professional, click on the link above. We’ll ask you a few questions to help us determine what your support options are. The support options may include email, on-line submission or phone support.

Last Review : June 12, 2014