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Top issues

Top Issues

Email address suggestions do not appear
Get steps to resolve problems when autocomplete does not work.

Email messages get stuck in the Outlook Outbox
This article provides steps to work offline so you can move or delete the message stuck in the Outbox.

Outlook 2010 not responding, hangs, or freezes, when opening
See the steps that can help resolve issues when you receive an ?Outlook not responding? error, or Outlook hangs or freezes when opening, opening a file or sending mail.

How to change password of your Outlook email account
Review information about changing Outlook 2010 email account settings.

How to troubleshoot error 0x8004010F
Follow these steps to configure your Outlook 2010 profile to resolve this error.

"This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer."
Run the automated Fix it solution for resolving this error.

How to display favorite folders in Outlook
Get information on how to add or remove folders in Favorites.

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Office help and how to
Microsoft Office Online is the ultimate resource for Microsoft Office information including templates, how tos, downloads and more.

Get started with Outlook 2010
Transition from an earlier version of Office? Learn what?s new, or find basic instruction for first time use.

Get started with Outlook 2007
Learn about the changes in Office 2007 and see what is new in this previous version.

Office training
Review the featured courses for online training.

Activating Office 2010
Get information on how to activate your Microsoft 2010 programs.

Office 2010 Trial expired? Get the full version today at Microsoft Store.
Continue to use Office 2010 and have the essential tools you need to complete work, school and household projects efficiently.

Support Lifecycle

View Support Lifecycle Information

Microsoft Product Support Lifecycle Policy page
Visit the Support Lifecycle Policy page to view Microsoft?s guidelines for product support from availability to end of product lifecycle.

Office Support Lifecycle Policies

To view Support Lifecycle information for a specific version of Microsoft Office, select the product and version below that is applicable to you.

       Office Outlook 2010
          Office Outlook 2010
          Office Outlook 2010 with Business Contacts
          Office Outlook 2010 with Interconnect

       Office Outlook 2007
          Office Outlook 2007
          Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contacts
          Office Outlook 2007 with Interconnect

       Office 2010
          Office 2010 (all editions)

       Office 2007
          Office 2007 (all editions)

       Older Versions
          View the Support Lifecycle Index
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