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Support for Windows 7
Start here when Windows 7 is not working how you expected. Download the latest updates and look up top issues, error messages, and troubleshooting tips.
Get live help with Windows 7
Do you have issues with Windows 7 and need someone to help you? Get live help from a support professional.
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Windows - Microsoft Windows Help
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Hotmail Microsoft Security Essentials Support Support Browse support by category ...
Microsoft Windows - Microsoft Windows
The official website for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Explore Windows information, get downloads, and find the latest PCs for Windows.
Windows Download and Shop - Microsoft Windows
Shop for Windows 8.1 PCs, upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro, and get free downloads for your Windows PC.
Getting started with Windows 7 - Help & How-to - Microsoft ...
Find help getting started with Windows 7—installation, networking, security, hardware, and more.
Windows 8.1 - Microsoft Windows
The new Windows is here. Get Windows 8.1 now for better search, more apps, and more ways to make it yours.
Support for Windows 7
Support options, learn more and lifecycle information for Windows 7.
Free downloads - Microsoft Windows
Get free downloads and themes for Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP to help customize, protect, and optimize your PC.
Support - Windows Help
Get help with Windows products—Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Essentials, and Internet Explorer.
Explore Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows
Check out the features of Windows 7 and see how it can make your PC faster, simpler, and more reliable.
11 handy tips for Windows 7 - Microsoft Windows Help
Get the most out of Windows 7—pin programs to your taskbar, add clocks, create themes, preview files, use Jump Lists, customize Sticky Notes, and more.