Recurring billing dates for your Microsoft subscription

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Microsoft is in the process of changing how subscription recurrence and billing dates are set. Your subscription will be on one of the following schedules:

Schedule 1

Your account billing date is set on the day you first buy something with your account. From that day on, that's the date we'll charge your payment option if there's any pending charges like a monthly subscription.

Example: If you buy your first app in Microsoft Store on July 25, then your account billing date is the 25th of the month. You'll only be charged when there's a recurring, pending, or past-due balance.

Your subscription recurrence date starts on the day you sign up for that subscription. From that day on, that's the day that subscription will recur. That date can be different for each subscription.

Schedule 2

Example: Let's say your account billing date is like the example above, so it's on the 25th of the month. If you sign up for a monthly subscription on September 1, then it will recur on October 1, and will be charged to your payment option on your account billing date, October 25.

If you have multiple subscriptions that recur between two account billing dates, those subscriptions would each get charged to your payment option(s) on the same date.

Your subscription will recur and be billed on the same day.

Managing balances for both schedules

Past-due balances

When a balance is "past-due," it means we've tried to charge your payment option, but it didn't work. We'll keep retrying, and if it continues to not work the subscription will be canceled.

To pay a past-due balance immediately, sign in to your Services & subscription page, select Pay now for the subscription, and follow the instructions.

Pending balances

"Pending" means that your subscription recurred according to its terms, but we haven't tried to charge your payment option yet.

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