Fit your HoloLens

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Here’s how to put on your HoloLens and stay comfortable while you're using it.

Staying comfortable

Keep your first few sessions brief, and be sure to take breaks. If you experience any discomfort, stop and rest in a well-lit place until you feel better. More on comfort.

Put on your HoloLens

  1. Rotate the headband up.

    Image showing how to rotate the headband up

  2. Slide the headband back.

    Image showing how to slide the headband back

  3. Turn the adjustment wheel to extend the headband.

    Image showing how to extend the headband

  4. Put the HoloLens on your head and slide the visor in until the nose pad rests lightly on your nose.

    Image showing how to position the visor

  5. Make sure the headband sits level on your forehead, just below your hairline, with the device arms above your ears.

    Image showing how to position the HoloLens correctly

  6. Turn the adjustment wheel to tighten the headband until it fits snugly.

    Fit your HoloLens wheel image

Comfort accessories

Try these optional accessories for a better fit.

Overhead strap. This strap can help keep HoloLens secure on your head, particularly if you’re moving around a lot. It may also let you loosen the headband a bit. To attach the overhead strap, push the ends into the slots until they click, then adjust the strap to a comfortable length. To remove it, press the small release buttons inside the strap, just above where it attaches to the headband, then lift it out.

Image of showing the overhead strap

Extra nose pad. Your HoloLens comes with an extra nose pad that has a slightly different shape. To use it, remove the installed nose pad by gently pulling it out of the slot. Then, gently insert the other nose pad.

Image showing the nose pads

Get the best view

Make sure you can see the entire holographic frame by experimenting with the tilt of the device on your head. If you feel like you need to look up or down to see your holograms, try tilting the visor so the holographic frame lines up with your natural gaze.

To improve your view or reduce pressure on your nose, place your thumbs under the device arms and your index fingers on top of the headband. Then, squeeze gently with your thumbs to rotate the visor up.

Image showing how to rotate the visor up


The visor slides out to accommodate glasses, if you wear them. Grasp the device arms just behind the visor and slide it gently to adjust it.

Take off your HoloLens

To take off your HoloLens, loosen the adjustment wheel, then grasp the device arms to lift it up and off your head. Don’t use the overhead strap to lift the device.

Image showing how to remove the HoloLens